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Smart water meter system for user-centric consumption measurement. May, J. Leakage, pressure and control. Lambert, A. What do we know about pressure: Leakage relationship in distribution systems? Thornton, J. Managing leakage by managing pressure: A practical approach. Progress in practical prediction of pressure: Leakage, pressure: burst frequency and pressure: consumption relationships.

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What the Council is doing

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Pioneers in water-loss reduction

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Reduction of water losses by rehabilitation of water distribution network.

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Reduction of water losses by rehabilitation of water distribution network.

Leak detection is the systematic search for leaks within a utility's potable transmission and distribution system. An effective leak detection program uses specialized equipment to identify leak sounds and to pinpoint the precise locations of underground leaks.

WEBINAR: Water Loss Reduction -- Part III

Since leaks can develop at any time, detection should be an ongoing program rather than a one-time project. Leak detection is accomplished in two phases. During the first phase, the entire system is acoustically surveyed on any available contact point such as valves, fire hydrants, service connections and blow-offs.

Any points of interest are noted. During the second phase, each point of interest is further investigated with a computerized leak correlator that uses sonic transmission to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. The correlator eliminates the need for extensive hit-or-miss excavation. Meter accuracy testing is an essential part of any water audit. The results of a water audit are valid only if the figures used, which come from the metering data, are accurate.