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Whether its folks from Portugal, Australia, or Estonia, or France over the years we have met such outstanding people while online and it really has opened our eyes to how tight nit the gaming communities are. So with that in mind we hope to build a place where people can gather to enjoy our games, and that we can gather to enjoy our friends.

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Diaspora: Mass Exodus Space trading game that features a persistent universe in which players can buy their fully customizable ships and travel from planet to planet, trading, pirating, exploring or creating guilds. Dispora Forum Facebook. Mobile and Desktop Applications. Whether it be a application for your phone that works great on the go, or a traditional desktop application we have the skill and the staff to handle bringing your vision from an idea to a reality.

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Angry Rabbit

Our web developement team has experience with both marketing and application based designs. Angry Rabbit Studios is currently designing and will be producing its own massively multiplayer game. Production and planning is already underway and we are hoping to begin rolling out information on the progress in the coming quarter.

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Currently Angry Rabbit Studios is not hiring paid staff, if you would like to submit your resume to have it on file, or looking to volunteer service please send your resume in, with a little bit about you personally. For questions our concerns please contact us at info angryrabbitstudios.

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All Rights Reserved. Contact Us. This results in total nuclear disarmament, the exile of all nuclear physicists to a doomed island, and an eventual end to conventional warfare. Wars are soon conducted as harmless arena games which are heavily promoted like the Olympics. Fitzgerald has all weapon factories shut down, but this quickly threatens the world economy, so he decrees the factories continue producing weapons of warfare, which are then summarily dumped into the ocean. Surprisingly, Fitzgerald's seemingly ridiculous plans actually work: world peace finally becomes a reality for three years.

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As Supermyx cannot travel across bodies of water, Australia is completely safe from its own superweapons; however, the Supermyx-carrying Bludgerton Rabbits now giant from atomic radiation refuse to go away, and keep resurfacing time and again, threatening to overwhelm Australia and wipe out its population. The rabbits eventually become too numerous to contain, and Australia wages a one-sided war against the numberless brood.

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  8. Fitzgerald is killed, and the entire continent is evacuated, leaving Australia to the aborigines, who eventually summon a flood to destroy the rabbits. The novel ends with the implication that the remaining Supermyx bombs will be detonated, wiping humanity from the face of the earth.

    An archetypal scheming politician. Major General Sir Alan Jacks: Notoriously incompetent Minister of Defence whose predictions are always wrong, except for one temporary lapse of brilliance when he suggests using Supermyx as a world-dominating weapon. Sir Alfred Hill G.

    The Year Of the Angry Rabbit by Braddon, Russell

    After discovering oil on his property he used his wealth to dominate two boroughs pocket boroughs , which won Fitzgerald the last election by a two-seat majority. When rabbits begin spawning on his property, Alfred threatens to use the same trick to lose Fitzgerald the next election if he can't find a way to get rid of the rabbits. Professor Welch: Leader of the team that is tasked to develop Supermyxomatosis, in the hope of annihilating the rabbit plague on Sir Alfred's ranch.

    Les Dorfmann: Welch's second-in-command, who becomes a hunted fugitive, and later becomes Fitzgerald's last hope at defeating the deadly rabbits. Dr Miller: Assistant to professor Golovin, who helps Dorfmann escape the authorities, and later marries him. Military man in the Australian army.

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    Unlike the Minister of Defence, Gary is a highly competent and very effective leader. The Bludgerton Rabbits: Initially normal rabbits infesting Sir Alfred's Bludgerton property, they become savage plague-carriers when infected with Supermyx.