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That reduced the stress, because there was nothing to get wrong. The venue was basic but the chapel was gorgeous, the guest list small and the food delicious, and the evening was simply a celebration of our love and the start of our life together. And even now, 9 years later, guests still talk about how much they enjoyed our wedding. If I could do it over again, the only thing I would change would be to spend less time with the photographer, and more with my guests. Love your suggestion list.

Our son is marrying this summer. Would it be appropriate to send invitations via e-mail? This way guests could download to save the date or print if they wish a hard copy. No expense to order, print, postage, etc. Overall, everyone had a wonderful time, the ceremony and reception were beautiful we made her arrangements and the bouquets , the food and drink were good and plentiful. To the lady who feels the favors are required because she brought a gift, shame on you. As someone with alcoholics for in-laws, I made sure there was not a drop of booze at my wedding — a decade later, not a soul cares.

Thumbs down. I was amazed that people are so rude, this is only a guideline and quite frankly I thought it was a great list. My husband and are doing a renewal this year, since we eloped, we are going to have a formal ceremony now. Great ideas and IMO, very true. Wow, the different perspectives. My husband officiated over many weddings over the years and I watched as very nice couples went into debt to create something that lasted at most 20 minutes.

Please, please be wise in how you plan your wedding. Consider your cultural taboos and traditions. Make it nice but do not do what you think others expect. Do what you want. We all get wrapped up in doing what we think everyone expects. Several of the comments were spot on: this is about the couple beginning their lives together and having a special event to celebrate that. Make it what you want, what you can afford and not what others expect. I just stopped in to tell you. Thank you for this article. You most definitely have made this blog into something special.

Recently got engaged, and I already do not see the point of having programs or printed invitations when everyone has an email address. Plus it saves the earth so why not?! Why not use it to support a local soup kitchen as the first altruistic act as a married couple?!

We had a fabulous time planning it and an even better time once the day came. Most important is to remember to take the time to enjoy it. And tell the photographer to leave you alone for a while. It HAS received a lot of feedback. Times h a v e changed. How far in the future the couple chooses to marry is important, too. How much time will there be?

Time equals money and the amount of stress. There is a difference between excitement and stress. Hitting the lottery, between now and then, is the only thing that would make a difference. My future son-in-law values that his likes, dislikes and input are equally important. Every aspect to every wedding is different. If they love you and accept you for who you are the other days of the year, why is impressing t h e m so important? Awesome advice. The biggest take away, here, was what was mentioned about invitations.

Thank you for opening my eyes!!! Wow this list has generated a ton of comments. Great advice — I was actually trying to work out how to cull some names off our invite list and stumbled across this blog. Gave it a read and think it is really solid advice. My fiancee was the one who wanted a wedding…I would have been fine eloping. Most of things fit perfectly into most of my wedding plans.

Getting married at my parents house is a great, beautiful and inexpensive location! Reading this is definitely helping take some stress of me. The guests will not be criticizing every part of the wedding! Great perspective. You can get so caught up in the detail you forget what the day is all about! I agree with this for the most part.

While I feel like I splurged on my dress, no one really cares at the end of the day. As my mom and I have been planning, we have been most concerned about music, food, and drinks because that is what makes or breaks your party.

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Guests care most about when to be there and how the cake tastes. Invites end up in the trash anyway. As other people have said, this is not true for all weddings. I know I have not had all of these thoughts when attending a wedding. What a wonderful article.

Out of all the weddings I have been invited to all I remember is the ceremony, food and the dance!! I am for sure going to make Ben read this! He wants over the top invites!! No thanks! This is actually a spot-on article for me! Thanks for the reminder! We all do not need to be married to comment on this article. The correct shoe to put ourselves in here is NOT the US the ones who are getting married but that of a guest.

How does a guest view this? How do you, as a guest invited before to a wedding ceremony, view this? Of course the details of the invitation are important, but do we need to splurge for the best invitation card? Going for the classic designs always does the trick. The guests only need to know the date, time, venue and when to be there. And I am actually skipping wedding favours. I have thrown away most of the wedding favours that I have been given at the weddings that I have gone to including some chocolates because I do not eat them.

I also do not like to sign wedding guestbooks. I think some attendees have the bad habit of just signing off their name which are not legible. Bouquet Toss — Honestly… I know exactly how the girls waiting for the bouquet toss and who do not get the bouquet feel. So, I will skip this too. The wedding is a celebration of something much bigger :. Totally agree with this — just trying to feed people well, let them have fun, and show them the love!

This is pretty helpful- I agree with the dress. We skipped on the wedding favors and a few other things and it was great. So true! My favorite part is watching the ceremony and watching the bride and groom interact through the night the food and drinks are a plus! Whatever makes that couple happy will leave everyone smiling. Very interesting article. I think it depends on the person and every person has a different opinion.

I think the music and drinks are something that people will remember about your wedding!! I know that I always do! I have to agree with all of this! Love this list. I too am not surprised by all the negative comments but as I plan my wedding ALL of these keep ringing true for me.. Glad to have some reassurance that so many brides feel the same. Plus why do I want to pay extra for a bouquet some guests will toss 2 weeks later!? This is really informative post, thanks for sharing!!

Would like to implement this list in my wedding. My advice for couples planning a wedding on a budget. Think about what your family normally does for a family event like thanksgiving or Christmas etc. Thank YOU so much for confirming my thoughts! I feel soooooo much better now and it really did alleviate the stress of things that you can let go of. The food, music, drinks, venue, etc.

Well done and thank you for the much needed reminder. This list was helpful, especially for those brides who have a budget and are not quite sure to budget. While some may disagree, which looks like there are a few judging by the hilarious and ridiculous previous posts, there are ways to decrease costs of a wedding. There are always going to be people who disagree with your list and unfortunately they seem to think their opinion matters most.

Thank you for an insightful article. This article is crazy to me. I agree with the list. Times have changed. And I suggest people proof read before publishing their comments. Oh dear! Even my boyfriend would not agree with this list! It is ok if you are not the kind of person who is into the weeding sheboom and there you can have a lovely meal with your close friends. Which is awesome. But if you want a wedding party then you need to pay attention to these little things! I even pay attention to these details when organising even the Christmas dinner let alone wedding!

And ps. Who wouldnt care about the wedding dress? That is the one thing i am super excited about! Absolutely Love this list. We created a beautiful day for the two of us that about 50 others will watch and hopefully enjoy. We are having it in our backyard, we uploaded a picture to Walgreens and printed invitations, and we had the most fun making centerpieces our of burlap and mason jars.

Best wishes to everyone. I love this list. Am amazed by the comments misunderstanding this. Do you actually get invited to things? This list also made me feel super chill, reading all of the irate comments about how everyone still dreams about their cakes years later haha. Yes it is all pretty but unnecessary. If you want to spend thousands on your invitations and programmes and flowers etc, go ahead!

Take it from me! I got married two weeks ago and did not sweat the small stuff in the slightest. Take a chill, complainers. I am coming up on our 50th wedding anniversary. Things were more basic. That is not to say my wedding was not considered elegant but things were more sensible then. I can testify to that having planned every detail of our 2 daughters weddings. Compared to my wedding the girls weddings were on steroids! Both were beautiful and over the top!

As I look back now…their dresses were very important to each of them which is all that was important! Both venues were special and still talked about. I admit the cake was overdone but beautiful but expensive. We had no favors which I really see no need for. I am now planning our 50th wedding anniversary. A shaman will preside. All very simple but in its own way elegant.

Big party to follow to welcome in the new year. What I want for me and family is to feel relaxed, have some great food and got to spend time connecting with old and new friends. The guests are there to support and celebrate THEM! So what ever they choose is important, the guests should be there to support not gripe. If you are not going to care about what is important for the bride and groom then you should not go.

The day should be about them. Yup so many haters out there! I guess depends on which ones you have opted in with your favours. Sweets usually works and a lot of people love them. Even flowers! Flowers that we brides spend so much money with! Thank you, very helpful. She will have a beautiful wedding but just within our means.

And Anna if you pay attention to all that when you attend a wedding are you really there for the couple? Ah, this makes me sad. Invite people who care about all things important to you, it makes your day so much more special and memorable and for years to come there will still be conversations about your beautiful dress, delicious cake and lovely details :.

You are you kidding? People I know care about all of this. Especially the favour bags. Uhm I love the bouquet toss!! And guess who really is getting married this time?! The wedding dress and the first dance is basically the number one thing dream about when I think of my wedding aside from the actual ceremony I love getting free candy at weddings. I would rather see my friend not stressed and wasting money than doing things they feel they have to cause everyone else does.

The dance , the flower toss make me cringe.. The cake as a celiac is never exciting. I just like to see the happy. Also working as a makeup artist has made me terrified of my wedding day as these people are often so stressed. Are you kidding? The way I see all this is why even bother setting up an expensive and stressful party for people to be inapreciable. I believe to have a small intimate wedding of close family and special friends and use your money wisely in memories the newly weds can keep for the rest of their lives such as a great honeymoon.

No need to feed and preoccupy yourselves with a friend of a friends comment about your wedding. This day is ONLY for the two of you and not for guests. This is a crazy list!

Commitment to Privacy

It is the whole wedding. The person who wrote this clearly only wants people to elope! Not to mention, your wedding is supposed to be about the bride and groom, not the guests, it is the one day that a normal woman gets to be a princess and a man gets to be a prince. I can tell you that this is a rather accurate list and on the most part very true. My point is that the only one who really cares about some of these things is the bride herself.

If she needs all the frilly invitations, fine linen tablecloths and napkins, a 23 tiered cake and a bunch of wedding favors that most people are never going to use in order to make herself feel like a Princess a broke princess but a princess none the less then have-at-it. People will remember the entertainment, the ceremony and finally the food…spend the bulk of you budget on these things and you wedding will likely be a success.

If you want to spend a tonne of cash on the little things then do so even though the majority of guests will not care about them months down the line. You basically thinks that nothing matters in a wedding. As I guest, I pain attention in everything!

The quality of the paper and the size of the invitations tell me how elaborated will be the party. Wedding with no flowers? Nobody pain attention on the tablecloths? A party is made of details! As a guest, I look at everything! I even touch the flowers to see if they are real! And the bridal dress is just the most expected thing…. So many haters out there!

Put your efforts into growing a life together. BTW — I liked the list. Ah, the modern wedding, where the ceremony must be kept short and your guests must be kept drunk. But at the same time, kind of makes me hold my friends and loved ones a little closer. I have to say, i pretty much agree. I work as a waitress at an up class winery that hosts a lot of weddings, and I cannot tell you how many of those party favours we collect at the end of the night because no one bothered with them. Us girls often get bunches of flowers because what else are they going to be used for?

A couple other friends went to the rescue and made up an alternate playlist, but it took the party a little while to get going. Get good food that your friends and family will like, be nice to the staff and they will go out of their way to be helpful both as the couple, and a guest and try to work out ways for everyone not to get sloshed. My wedding was almost completely DIY. My awesome mother and I made ALL the flowers and centerpieces people were begging to take the centerpieces home.

My cousin gratefully made our cakes, my brother and mother did the music, and we wrote our vows. I completely agree with the list, except for the flowers!!! All of these negative comments of what was suggested. As a mom of two young women in their twenties and will soon be having two weddings, I appreciate these thoughts. And seriously the invitations get thrown out!! NO ONE saves them! Its a waste of paper so do a tree a favor and cut back on the invitation nonsense.

Keep it simple. We get it. I never understood women who spent thousands on a dress. Whats the point? We will take bets at the classy beer pong table and proceeds benefit the sanctuary. It may look pretty for a few hours, but no one will remember what it looked like, their memories of what they did and who they saw is what they ALWAYS remember! Aww you poor bribes in the comment section! One thing may matter to an individual where that same thing may be on the bottom of the list for someone else.

I love details. Some others may not. I look forward to pretty invitations and well set tables. Everyone took an arrangement home. Our first dance was a song played on the piano by my husbands sister who has been playing piano for the past 12 years, so that was another unique thing we had that guests enjoyed. Most the other stuff on this list, I do agree no one really cared about. It really depends on the venue and the type of wedding you have I think as far as how popular certain parts of the wedding will be honestly, every wedding is different.

The last wedding we went to, the bride and groom spent 2 years on Pinterest planning every small detail. I saw the cake for a whole 5 minutes and never even knew what happened to it once they cut it and took it away. There was too much food, although good, everyone was so full that no one touched the dessert bar and candy bar. Wedding favors?

Tacky and insulting! As a wedding professional, I have one comment. The point a lot of people are missing is that brides tend to do things in a wedding to impress their guests. For all the women disagreeing with this article, ask yourself, why did you do what you did at your wedding?

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Was it because you innately wanted to do it, or was it because you wanted to impress guests? I am a guy, married for ten years, personally involved in 12 weddings, and been to at least 20 more. This list is spot on, if you are trying to impress someone. If you really want to do it because you really want to, go for it. If you, as the bride and groom, want these things, then by all means have them.

real testimony how to get the unlimited happiness 2 Manual

I, for one, toss your favor in the trash as soon as I get home unless I can eat it. What I DO remember is that we were shoved outside in the middle of August in Oklahoma for an hour while they reset the room and was miserable in the heat, the guest book because sadly nobody expected them to be together long enough for the advice to be taken, and that they ran out of food early.

I love that this article has stirred up so much controversy. Hopefully it will make some folks question what they want. I am getting married again at age 55, and my fiance is A dear friend just sent me a note that expressed the same sentiments. She has been happily married for 18 years and a very smart cookie. The whole point is to actually take the time to consider what really matters to you both.

We have both waited a long time for a soulmate connection and he wants to shout it from the rooftops. People are coming from all over the country. So, we are planning a very personal ceremony on a mountaintop followed by a kick butt reception at a really pretty and inexpensive rec center. When did it become so expected that a small fortune has to be sacrificed for this event? It feels a lot like the commercialization of Christmas. I think the party is for us AND our guests.

Not everyone wants to diy their wedding, but I sure do. It gives me joy and satisfaction. My dress is from a consignment store. It was the first and only dress I tried on. We used Vista Prints to make invitations using our photo for 39 cents a piece on a special sale! A friend has volunteered to coordinate for the day of…. And so on, and so on. We will spend on good food, music, drinks and photographer.

I have no doubts that it will be an amazing day without breaking the bank. This list was good for a laugh. I especially enjoyed reading the part the guests apparently care about the ceremony. In my experience the ceremony usually has less than half the amount of people that turn up at the reception which I find ao rude and insulting. I love this list! If you have the money to spare, go ahead and spend a fortune on all the elaborate details. But the problem is the standard is set so high for those who cannot afford it and go into debt for their wedding when in reality, it is only one night and what people will remember most is the love between the couple, and having a good time.

I agree with this list with the caveat that some things, especially the first dance, are for the couple not the guests. I may remember them but I toss it after the event. This list is somewhat right but i really do think that people notice the flowers and the cake. You should add lighting to set the mood — it is the one thing that can take a drab place and make it feel special. A good meal is also very appreciated does not have to be expensive just good. Some of the best meals I have had have been chicken, while one of the worst is lobster.

Some of these like the invitations and spending hundreds on flowers makes sense. Others the author just comes off overly cynical. Majority of people keep candles in their homes and they get expensive rather quickly. As a wedding planner I would have to say you missed the just entirely here. I have been planning weddings fit well over 8 years and can honestly say that you not only sound like a cheap skate, but someone who is really out of touch with what most people want.

My opinion always has been to never make a client feel bad about splurging on items that are a priority to them. Your article should preface the fact that this is your very bad opinion…in poor taste but very persuasive nonetheless. Laughing over people getting so mad over this. Yep, no one cared about those months you spent planning gold tipped roses and a piece of paper in the post. We picked hydrangeas that morning to furnish the venue. It looked lovely. Mum made jams and chutneys for the favours — something that everyone could actually use.

And she made the cake too — simple but made with love. Far more significant to me. What mattered to me was the food and the music and that everyone enjoyed themselves. And everyone did exactly that. This list is not worth a look. Have the wedding of your dreams whatever way it may be! When my daughter got married on a budget I asked to decide what 3 things were most important to her. If she had wanted a carriage ride to or from the venue — fine. But she had to decide. I want a great photographer because the pictures will last forever, we found one whose work we had seen and really liked.

I only did a program cause the pastor insisted on one. It is really about what the Bride and Groom want. I would have to agree with this article. I felt this was a good list. I appreciate a nice invite and nowdays love the couples photo on them. It hangs on my frig until the date then sadly recycled. I also like reading a program but usually think people wasted money when they put them on high dollar paper, I will just recycle if it even makes it home with me.

Again very few people know the exact price of your dress unless you tell them. The only thing on the list I disagreed with was the first dance. Flowers — only your flow-erst knows the truth. Again you can get beautiful flowers and not pay a fortune. You just expect flowers at a wedding. No one wants yucky cake but again not a place to spend a fortune for fancy extras. Less is more, but all white is boring. Put that money into food and drinks and good music!! Gifts for guests — why?? Please know I think make it your day but I agree really look into the extras and see where the money is better spent.

As for as the comment about the cake and the dress is concerned, for your information, the dress and the cake are the most observed. Besides the groom, of course If a bride has no interest in looking her best or having a pretty cake, she needs to get married behind a barn somewhere. Yeah I also have to call BS on this list. The band 2. The food 3. The venue 4. My dress 5. The cake 6. The invitations 7. The flowers 8. The placards and table menus.

My guests were wowed by the smaller details I put into the wedding. I opted to do 1 large program sign vs individual programs because they always get thrown out right away. But I received several compliments on my invitations, people adored my dress, they loved the flowers, and maybe my family are just dessert people but they made a fairly sizable deal over the cake. My advice to every bride out there would be: does it matter to YOU because if it does then make a big freaking deal about it.

So did the flowers, and the dress, and the cake. Who cares what the guests think though? This sounds like it was written by someone who regrets spending a bunch of money on their wedding. My dress is I love it. A bride may wish she spent less money and had a simple wedding but nothing beats having hundreds of pictures of all of these moments that you cared about. Not because I care if people want the favor or not. Good read though. If you have a very limited budget you can still be creative and have a beautiful wedding!

And call in favors to vendor friends to barter as gifts — win win. I clicked on this link because I was interested in seeing your opinion but I was shocked your list covered so many great aspects of a wedding. My advice to brides is that if you want to do all of those things then do it. You can find all of these great things in different price ranges and somethings are even DIY.

Above all enjoy your wedding day. With over weddings under my belt I can say that this article is right on. Most brides and grooms are making their wedding a more intimate affair these days and keeping only what matters most to them. You definitely want to put your money where it will be appreciated the most in the long run. While there are a few exceptions to the rule you should keep in mind…the more you try to impress the more you will stress… the more you stress, the more your day becomes a mess…so, concentrate on what makes you both happy.

Great shared insights! Every couple their likes and dislikes are THE priority - and presumably their friends and families- put emphasis on different aspects. Remember, this is a hopefully once-in-a-lifetime event. If this is how you feel as a guest, do your host a favor- respectfully decline, send a nice gift, and pray they are not as judgemental as yourself.

Great article! Summed up and reconfirmed what I had been thinking about, and also helped to steer me in the right direction. Hotel Ballroom 3? Haha, exactly. Also, right on with the cake, the dress, the flowers. Thank you for the great article. I agree with this article except for the comment on booze. Our first decision was our motto: No debt. No stress well okay, less stress. My partner enjoys photography so our Save the Date and wedding invitations featured a photograph of us in two of our favorite places taken by friendly passers-by.

If something was important to us, like great food, we put money into it. I received many compliments about the decor and the atmosphere. In the end we had a wedding that we and our guests enjoyed. I think that everyone is missing the point of this article. I think the intent is to get brides and grooms to lighten up and relax about the details. As a florist I deal with brides almost everyday and so many are so stressed out about making everything perfect. Yes, guest do notice details but no one is going to declare your wedding a disaster if the roses in the centerpieces are half a shade off.

The best weddings I have attended are the ones that really reflect the personalities of the couple, not the ones that look like perfect generic Pinterest pages. Well looks like you just want a party! Why even get married in front of all those people you can just go to city hall. And my guests, 4 years later, still talk about how delicious our cake was; I have had 2 friends order the exact cake for their weddings. What a lame article. I am planning a wedding and thought these were great thoughts to move me in a direction of prioritizing expenses.

It is correct that in a pintrest world some spend foolishly to keep up appearances. We had already implemented some of these ideas because we agree that people who come to celebrate with us are giving their time and sometimes money and we want to provide an enjoyable meal and a stress free day. Busyness just creates unnecessary stress. It is like a grocery store, just put what you like in the cart and take it with you, leave the rest in the shelf for someone else. I also disagree with some points of this article. I feel that some of these items may seem superfluous to many people, but the invitations were actually very important to my parents and grandparents.

They even wanted extras to put into scrap books. It definitely ups the entertainment factor. More importantly, YOU and your groom will notice these things in your photographs for years to come. Your guests are probably not strangers and probably have a rough idea of your income level, so their expectations will be measured. I noticed, other people noticed. Did it ruin our enjoyment of the wedding? But it did make me feel sorry for the bride and groom who probably still paid decent money for those things to come out lack-lustre at best.

All of the details listed are part of the overall experience. If you are going to skimp then go without. Flowers: Your wedding and your funeral are the two life occasions you should invest on gorgeous flowers. Unless you plan to start a wedding punch card and get your 6th wedding free , do it right and make it gorgeous. Yes, people do comment on the plastic flower rentals from the venue and the DIY train wrecks. Hire a great florist, do it once and do it well. Invitation and Favors: Put thought into what you are giving! Cake: in taste and design, the cake is one of many masterpieces of a wedding.

The presentation is part of the experience and will be in your pictures forever! The Dress: Are you kidding me!!! This is where you suggest a bride should skimp? Every little girl dreams of what her wedding dress will look like since she was 5 and her personality will show in that dress. And, YES, girls do notice other girls dresses. And as a guest, I do remember all the little details and appreciate the effort that goes into wedding planning. Those are some guests I do NOT want at my wedding! We got some Nice non-personalized a wedding favors at weddingfavorsunlimited. Sorry, but the highlight of the wedding should not be your cake or your dress, it should be marrying the person you want to spend your life with and spending time with your loved ones.

So I have to disagree on the title alone. My guest frame hangs in my bedroom and has a wedding picture in it.

My Thoughts on Orange Theory Fitness After One Month

Was it important to a guest? Of course not. But it means something everyday to my husband and I. What about your groom? What does he want? Pretty sure a wedding only needs to reflect you both as a couple. I attended 3 weddings one year and the only thing we all talked about afterwards was the food and drinks.

Stop worrying about what other people think and do what makes you happy. And for goodness sake, ask your groom what he wants too. Let him have a say. Enjoy every second of all of the hard work and effort you put in and F the table rounds! As a wedding guest, I would have to agree with keeping the ceremony short. Busting the zipper in your dress at the alter would be less embarrassing and revealing. Why not write your groom or bride a personal note to be read in private just prior to walking down the aisle? Be kind to the guests and let them get to the cocktails early. Keep the ceremony short and sweet.

Simple is best. Totally diagree! First of all, the wedding is not solely to please the guests! Second, I feel the flowers, the linen and all the other small details make a beautiful wedding! No matter what you do, guests will find something to criticize! So just go with what mekes you happy! Personally I disagree with points not because of the items that have been listed but because I feel every couple know THEIR guests best. Plan the wedding of YOUR dreams not the wants or expectations of others. Good luck gorgeous Brides-To-Be and follow your heart!

How Orange Theory Works

No one cares about the dress or the invitations? Yeah right. This article is spot on, however most of the comments seem to miss the point. I spent time designing our invites, but the artwork was made to suit us. A trip to Kinkos to have them printed and cut on card stock worked fine. I had plenty of compliments, no need for custom gold embossing. The point is that as long as you put some effort into it nobody will care about whether the napkins are eggshell or ivory. Hey Kalyn, Do you still play the guitar? If so can you do a video of you playing or teaching.

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Being in a rut, I really needed this. Thanks, I will surely make use of this list too many times. Love, i. Warm beverages in a cute mug Cozy socks Dance party with friends Rom-com highly recommend: Crazy Rich Asians Sing along to musical you know by heart Barbie's Princess and the Pauper is my absolute fav! Lit up candles! At every given moment in life, we are presented with the opportunity to choose - light or dark, right or wrong, happy or low. Even if everything going on is outside of your control, lingering with it's dripping wet paint brush ready to paint you in shades of dark grey and blue, dice those lemons that life has handed you open, squeeze the juice in life's eyes and replace them with a sweet, comforting latte.

Or a doggo. Or a yoga mat and some zen music, whatever floats your boat. So many boat references today. I like to keep lists on my phone full of things to do in all given situations. Just the other day, I was referencing this list on a very crappy day and upon sifting through the list of possible ways to boost my mood, I figured it might be time to crack it open and share it with you. I've referenced it more times than I can count and I'm hoping it will now spread some of it's light to more than just my face at 3pm on a Monday.

So with that, I give to the:. Buy yourself some flowers 8. Workout in a bomb outfit Follow with step 9 9. Go for a walk - preferably somewhere green and serene High five a tree Take a Nap Do Some Yoga Call up a friend and go out for drinks Splurge on a little something you've had your eye on Cook or bake something new Light some candles and have an at home spa night Compliment a stranger or help somebody out Go for a drive and belt your favourite songs regardless of the people staring at you at the red light.

Play a video game never underestimate the power of shooting aliens in Halo or beating Bowser in Mario Try a new cafe or restaurant Go to a movie or even better, an arcade dance dance revolution anyone? Read inspirational quotes Make or add to your dream board Buy your favourite candy or snack and watch an episode of your favourite show Do something creative Count your blessings Cuddle Give yourself a massage.. Get some sunshine Rearrange your furniture Buy yourself a plant, name it, talk to it, get way to obsessed with taking care of it.

Vent to a friend or write it down to yourself Set yourself up to have a better day tomorrow planner time Try out a new DIY or craft Take a new route to work, or try a new routine Doodle Research and set your sights on a new goal or idea Go somewhere quiet and recharge Reminisce on old photos or home videos that crack you up Grab some friends and play board games Ask for wisdom or advice from someone comforting - if you can't think of anyone, google Dumbledore quotes, I swear it works.

Hug it out. If there's no one around you can also hug trees it's less painful than the high five. Pour yourself a glass of wine or make yourself a healthy smoothie. Whatever floats your boat today Make a note on your phone of life motto's. For instance "There isn't a shred of evidence that life was meant to be taken seriously. Fake it until you make it and smile anyways, it feels good.

Hopefully one, or a combination of a few of these will lift your vibe and get you back to feeling all sunshine and sparkly again. If not, then hang on tight, things will seem better by tomorrow I swear it. Feel free to add any of your own mood boosters below! Labels: featured , happy , lists. Related Posts. Miriam Bing 16 February at Alicia Jane 21 February at Theresa williams 24 February at Doris Palko 27 February at Morgan Eric 14 March at Theresa williams 19 March at Unknown 19 March at EmilyChaytor 16 February at Jenny B 16 February at Unknown 16 February at Alexa McMahon 16 February at Lottie Gibbons 16 February at Kira Luecken 16 February at Cassidy Laurel 16 February at