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A suspicious Sherlock would wonder…just coincidence, or did Curphey want some wiggle room, some distance, from a case where he knew the backstory was touchy, perhaps involving the rich and very famous? He also noted that Murray was acting strangely and was evasive when questioned.

Detective Sergeant Robert E. Byron, who arrived on the scene a few minutes after Clemmons, also noted in his report that Murray was acting like an unreliable witness. He wrote:. Murray was vague and possibly evasive in answering questions pertaining to the activities of Miss Monroe during this time.

Murder Orthodoxies: Sex, Lies and Marilyn | Tara Hanks

Monroe spoke to several people on the phone the night of her death. Among them was Peter Lawford, an old friend of the actress and the brother-in-law of John F. According to Lawford, Monroe seemed to be under the influence of drugs, and he also claims she told him:. When he was unable to reach Dr.

This message, however, has further fueled conspiracy theories that perhaps John F. Her fury, and presumed threats to be loose-lipped about the matter, frightened the Kennedy camp. Some claim he told very, very different tales just before his death. What really happened on the weekend of June 2? Why did she break down over a stuffed tiger?

Many people Fred Otash included claim that a number of tapes were made of Marilyn Monroe—beginning with tapes of her having sex with President John F. Where the fuck is it? We can make any arrangements you want, but we must find it. It was as though she were being put on the bed.

Is this what he was looking for when he allegedly returned to the Monroe hacienda on the day and night of her death? According to Dr. I think the only one who knows for sure is [Monroe's publicist] Pat Newcomb. What happened that weekend is shrouded in mystery, but Monroe was by all accounts drunk and stoned throughout, and photographer Billy Woodfield, who often did work for Sinatra, claimed to the end of his life that Sinatra brought him pictures that were taken in Chalet 52, where Monroe was staying.

Marilyn opened it and walked out to the pool carrying its contents—a stuffed toy tiger. She then sat down by the pool, holding the tiger and saying nothing. One of them could be a tiger. Had some devastating note arrived with the tiger or—curious thought—was the tiger itself the message? Marilyn, at all events, now lost control.

Death Conspiracy Marilyn's L. After I started, the vivid writing and the presence of the unhappy latter-day Marilyn Monroe kept me reading all the way to the end. I want to tell everyone within the sound of my voice to buy this splendid novel. It's really punchy and really good, and you really should read it.

Barbed prose makes a familiar story fresh, as does the effective use of flashbacks and flash-forwards. Fluent in the noir idiom, Baker maintains the depressing atmospherics throughout. Baker takes a bold run into Cain and DeLillo territory and scores. The Empty Glass is chilled and redolent of a good gin martini, leaving you primed to order another.

As such, it marks the auspicious debut of a new voice in American suspense. Cook, Edgar Award-winning author of Taken "[In The Empty Glass ] Baker conjures a suitably paranoid atmosphere and crackling dialogue in this look at the seedy intersection of celebrity, politics, and power. Writing from a wholly original perspective, J.

Baker has combined the history and myth surrounding one of the most intriguing deaths of last century and created a shocking, unputdownable thriller. I Baker has spun a gripping, pulse-pounding conspiracy around an American tragedy. Smart, perfectly atmospheric, and heartbreaking, The Empty Glass will stay with you long after the final page.

Who Killed Marilyn?

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Which one do you believe? Was She Given a Hot Shot? Guy Hockett, owner of Westwood Village Mortuary, and his son, Don, wheeling the dead star from her home. Did She Overdose On Pills? Where is the missing water glass?

Marilyn Monroe III: Facts About Her Death You Didn’t Know

Was She Given a Poisoned Enema? The death timeframe was changed. Times reported that all the players had mysteriously changed their stories—specifically the time: Mrs. Eunice Murray, awoke about 3 a. But the bedroom door was locked. Greenson took a poker from the fireplace, smashed in a window, and climbed into the Monroe bedroom. He took the telephone from her hand and told Mrs. Murray, "She appears to be dead. Hyman Engelberg, who had prescribed the sleeping pills, and pronounced her dead on his arrival at the house a short time later.

Engelberg called police at a. A junior coroner, Thomas Noguchi, was asked to perform the autopsy. Why would the body have been moved?

30 Great Books about Marilyn Monroe

The only person who could do Marilyn justice is Charlise Theron, imo. I'd hate to see Scarlet Johansson play her.


Neither looks like Marilyn but Scarlet looks closer, though Charlize is a better actress. Charlize would be horrible.

She was incredibly lonely

So would Scarlett though. I think playing Marilyn will be a very hard acting choice for anyone without looking like a Vegas impersonator. I haven't been impressed with any of the attempts by actresses I've seen so far. Trying to live up to Marilyn must be hard though. Log in No account? Create an account.