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It's possible that the whole thing is orchestrated by the Lich, since the bomb allows him to rise from his dormancy. Note: It hasn't been confirmed how the crater was formed. The most obvious answer seems to be the Mushroom Bomb, but when it is seen detonating in Finn the Human and Elemental , it is nowhere near as destructive. Alternative theories are that it was formed by one of the Catalyst Comets, or by a combination of many of humanity's other nuclear weapons. A before and after of Planet Earth seen during the Founders' Song in Hide and Seek confirms that it did indeed form during the war.

Note: The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia states that Simon remained in hibernation for hundreds of years, but it is now known that he emerged immediately after the end of the war. Due to the increased elasticity, the world begins to change very rapidly. Hybrid creatures are able to be born, and a variety of extra-dimensional creatures begin to flood in through spontaneously formed portals.

Rainicorns enter the world and begin a tradition of hunting and eating the surviving humans, who become their main source of food. Rainicorns are able to live off the sparse population thanks to the fact that they are capable of absorbing massive amounts of sustenance from a small amount of meat. The Vampire Court comes out from its hiding and also begins hunting humans. The court consists of five powerful vampires: the Fool, the Empress, the Moon, the Heirophant, and the King. Many survivors are turned into mindless vampire minions who serve the higher members of the court.

On top of all this, many humans become zombified or mutated by a mixture of radiation and magic, creating the oozers. Some zombified businessmen become preserved in an iceberg. The Super Porp company, a soda manufacturer, continues to operate. Humans are not needed thanks to full automation. Note: In Adventure Time 13 , it is stated that the war took place years before season 5.

It would also cause the comet to hit four years after the war, which messes up a lot of dates. Therefore, this date has been disregarded. Estimates for the real-life date of the war have varied anywhere from the s to the s, based on different sets of evidence. In my opinion, the most compelling and recent evidence indicates that the start of the war is between and Marceline owns a USB flash drive in Ketchup , which were invented in in real life. Adventure Time began airing in , which makes this a good estimation for the end of the war since it was probably intended to take place in the "present day".

There is further evidence to support this time frame. A chart from High Strangeness appears to show world population over time. A massive dip is seen shortly after the year , and the peak is just over six billion people, which was the approximate world population in that decade.

The last two digits are obscured by dirt. The businessmen and Patience St Pim both have keypad mobile phones when they are thawed in Business Time and Elemental. He accuses fans of being over-analytical. Personally, I have no idea what he's talking about. As previously discussed in the introduction, this timeline sets the Mushroom War to take place in CE for the purposes of assigning real life dates. During or shortly after the end of the Great Mushroom War, the Blue Catalyst Comet strikes the Earth and leaves behind its Agent of Change, which initially takes the form of a butterfly.

The butterfly will eventually be reincarnated as Finn Mertens. A long time ago, I was you sorta. And I crashed on Earth and became a butterfly or some biz. And I guess it was just some random absurd thing. Just a joke I've been playing out for centuries. Note: The Blue Comet is probably the one that hits following the war because an object closely resembling it is seen missing the alternate version of Earth in Finn the Human. Also, Finn says "centuries", perhaps implying that it has been less than a millennium since his comet's arrival.

Simon, who by this point is much further into his transformation into the Ice King, travels around the ruins of the city for a while and eventually comes across the five year old Marceline, abandoned and crying in the street. He gives her a plush from a nearby toy store, which she names Hambo. Marceline appears to have been left there by her mother, who leaves a note for anyone who finds her:.

Whoever finds Marceline please care for her. Her father is Hunson Abadeer. When she is old enough she will find her way back. Please keep my baby safe. I can't care for her. Please help. In his diary, Simon describes a sentient mist that corrupts and mutates any survivors who are exposed to it and "hangs low like a London fog"; possibly an early formation of the Lich. He says that the dying survivors do not trust him due to his immunity, which is probably thanks to the crown.

The sky lighting up again could be a reference to the Catalyst Comet. When this whole worldwide war started, I guess some of the survivors set up the mall as a makeshift refugee camp, a sort of biosphere. Simon took me there a few times when he first found me. Note: Simon implies that Marceline is the first person he found, but his journal from Friends Forever and the fact that he knew about the refugee camp in the mall suggest that he met other dying survivors. At some point just after the Great Mushroom War, Simon loses the Enchiridion and it falls into the hands of some wizards.

Simon and Marceline have begun to settle into their post-apocalyptic lifestyle. Simon becomes a father figure to Marceline in a way that her real father had never been. He gives Marceline a rudimentary education despite the fact that his mental state continues to deteriorate. They both practice kung fu using books they find. Simon begins writing a journal called Weekly Records in the Wreckage of the World. One day, the two venture into an abandoned city to try to find "chicken soup" to cure Marceline's fever.

They get pursued and cornered by oozers and Simon is forced to use the crown for self-defence, using his powerful ice magic to defeat them. However, it further transforms him and his descent into madness accelerates. At the same time, a collective consciousness called the Mother Gum forms in the ruins and begins helping them. Marceline is seven years old at this point and Simon is forty-seven. There's a lot more of that pink substance growing and expanding in blobs and chunks all over the cityscape. A part of it seemed alive, seemed to look at me.

How could a pink blob help us? How could this lifeless material know I needed help? Because of this, Marceline might have false memories of believing the medicine to actually be chicken soup. However, in Weekly Records in the Wreckage of the World and Season 11 1 the chicken soup is explicitly mentioned, so this theory doesn't hold if those stories are considered canonical. Shortly after this, Marceline and Simon move into an abandoned penthouse apartment and see ghosts for the first time.

It is possible that a low level Dead World briefly intersected with the material plane, and these ghosts were victims of the Great Mushroom War. It is also possible that this is when Simon begins to develop his "wizard eyes" which enable him to see into a dimension called the Spirit World. Centuries from now, after the Great Mushroom War, many resources will be gone forever, and the world will regenerate anew with a wholly novel configuration of life-forms.

And while wars create a dearth of resources, they also create an excess supply of ghosts. Thus, ghosts, a rarity in the ancient annals of Third Orb, shall become plentiful. Finn and Jake come across Simon and Marceline around this time while they are travelling through time after escaping the Vanishing Point. They tell Marceline to look after the Time Amulet for them so she can give it to them in the future and complete the resulting causal loop.

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We ended up in a bunch of tight jams, Marcy and me. I had to protect us from all kinds of marauding creatures and I had to put on the crown a couple dozen times over the past three years and it has taken its toll. After realising that he is not going to be able to look after Marceline for much longer, Simon seeks a way to contact her father, Hunson Abadeer. He happens to come across a demon from the Nightosphere, who tells him that he was one of the creatures pulled through a portal to Earth following the war, and that his home dimension is the Nightosphere.

Simon realises that this is where Marceline originates from. I know I can control myself for a while longer but soon, weeks or months or years from now, when I finally lose it, I'll need someone to take care of her when I'm gone. For now I can still be responsible and protect her but when it happens, I'll be ready to do what I have to do. God help me. Simon's condition becomes so bad that he is hardly able to remember and write about the day's events, so Marceline takes over writing Weekly Records in the Wreckage of the World , and renames it to Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook.

She is ten years old at this point, and Simon is fifty. Even though he stops writing the journal, Simon scribbles many of his thoughts and lyrics onto any bits of paper he can find. Some of them are notes to Marceline which she wouldn't get to read for a millennium to come. Is it just you and me in the wreckage of the world? That must be so confusing for a little girl. Shortly after this, an enormous tidal wave hits the city for one of many possible reasons. The detonation of the Mushroom Bomb, the impact of the Catalyst Comet, or the general elasticity of the world could all be responsible.

This is likely the beginning of the formation of the island continent that would eventually become known as the Land of Ooo. Simon and Marceline slowly and purposefully make their way to higher and higher ground, and for a while Marceline seems to enjoy the relative simplicity of her life. The need to keep moving and stay with Marceline seems to help Simon remain sane for a little while longer. If we had stayed in the city we'd be dead. Simon was acting so crazy, I thought he was making it all up.

But he made us climb higher and higher into the mountains. Note: All dates from now until Marceline's hibernation are complete guesses based on how old she looks. Ever since he first put it on, the crown has been urging Simon to re-establish Evergreen's realm of ice, so he finally decides to leave Marceline. To keep Marceline safe, he finds a way to reunite her with her father, Hunson Abadeer. He finds a copy of Mystic Rituals and their Space Time Applications , the book he co-authored with Betty Grof, and uses it to open a portal to the Nightosphere.

It was all there in the book, and even though I was losing my mind, I did it, Marceline! I completed the ritual! The portal actually opened! A rip between dimensions appeared. I saw Hunson and he saw me, each of us watching the other through a weird rip in the barrier that separates our two worlds.

After I completed the binding spell on your dad the portal closed and everything went dark. God knows what I did. All I know is that I left you on my sled, headed north, where I will establish my kingdom, as in ancient times Gunther! Hunson and Simon briefly talk during their encounter, and Simon tells Hunson that the note left by Marceline's mother said he would know how to keep her safe. But Hunson says he is busy "quelling an uprising" and that he should tell Marceline to summon him herself later. The "binding spell" cast by Simon presumably ensures that Hunson and Marceline will someday meet each other.

Simon records the last of his tapes as a message for the missing Betty, calling her his "princess". He also leaves Marceline with photos of her mother, and information on how to open a portal to the Nightosphere so that she can eventually summon her father. Note: Marcy's scrapbook states that Simon only gave her two pictures of her mother, but in Ketchup she has an entire slideshow stored on an old USB drive.

She must have obtained this from elsewhere. After travelling on her own for a while, Marceline stalks two survivors who turn out to be thylacine werewolves named Remi and Rosella, who are proficient in the arcane arts. She befriends them and they agree to help her summon her father, Hunson Abadeer, since they believe he can help them vanquish the tribe of vampires that threatens their pack.

Remi and Rosella successfully open a portal to the Nightosphere, and he bursts uninvited into Marceline's makeshift fort. To Marceline's horror, Hunson takes Remi and Rosella's souls, reducing them to lifeless husks. Despite this, she knows that this is probably her only opportunity to get to know her father:.

Even though I hate him for sucking the life from my friends, I need to humour him because, let's face it, who knows what he could do? I can't let him know I don't like him. I can't write him off too quickly. Besides, he's the only one with the answers. There is still so much I don't know about myself and where I come from. Their relationship becomes somewhat stable after a day at an abandoned carnival, and Marceline believes she is beginning to understand her father's motives. She inherits the Abadeer Axe, the weapon used by Hunson to take over the Nightosphere all those years ago:.

When I touched it, a strange feeling coursed through my veins, like a jolt of energy. This axe has some serious juju about it. Good or bad, I didn't really care. It's a gift from my Dad, and I will cherish it forever. Funny how your feelings can change so completely. Note: The graphic novel Seeing Red suggests that Hunson turned the axe into a bass guitar when he gave it to Marceline. This contradicts the episode It Came from the Nightosphere when Hunson says "Did you turn it into some kind of lute? Unfortunately, this friendship doesn't last long.

Hunson says he wants to help the remaining werewolves with their vampire problem, so they track down the rest of the pack to a truck stop on Route In a repeat of his previous actions, he wipes out the entire werewolf pack and claims that he "helped" them, since the vampires would have killed them anyway.

Upset with him, Marceline goes into the truck stop and manages to make fries, but Hunson eats them. This is the last straw. In a rage, Marceline banishes him back to the Nightosphere, abruptly ending his nine day visit. She writes the Fry Song shortly after. Note: An interview with Marceline seen in The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia gives a completely different story regarding the fry incident. It's possible she made the story up to avoid the truth.

Marceline returns to the abandoned mall where she spent some time with Simon before he left her. All of the survivors who used to inhabit it have either perished or moved away by this time. She meets a dog that somehow managed to survive on the food in the mall's pet shop, and names it Schwabl.

Having spent so much of her life dealing with complicated people like Simon and her father, Schwabl is a nice change of pace. You know what? It's kinda nice having someone to talk to. I mean At some point around this time, Marceline converts the Abadeer Axe into an electric bass guitar and learns to play it, although she is still able to proficiently wield it as a weapon as well. She also becomes familiar with human technology and learns how to use computers. Note: This is somewhat contradicted by Broke His Crown , in which Marceline hints several times that she doesn't understand any of the computer equipment that Bubblegum is using.

Shortly after this, she meets a unicorn called Daniel while sleepwalking. He is killed by vampires and Marceline pledges to avenge him. This is possibly a dream, but nevertheless Marceline sets out to track down and kill all the vampires she can. She learns to fight from books in the mall library. Meanwhile, the world is beginning to lapse into an ice age.

This is probably caused by a combination of Simon establishing his realm of ice and some kind of magic-induced nuclear winter:. Simon had once told me that after the war, we might be in for a magical cataclysm. He said it might take the form of a very long global winter that could last for several hundred years. Marceline stakes her first vampire, a simple minion who was trying to murder a sheep. She also stakes a vampire who was threatening a family of human survivors, but the survivors run away before she can talk to them.

Before long, she is a proficient vampire hunter and manages to force a stake through the heart of the first member of the Vampire Court, the Fool. She realises that she is capable of using her demon soul-sucking ability to absorb his soul and his powers, and gains from him the ability to fly. Later, while trying to catch food, she accidentally lassos a young human girl wearing a bunny hat, who runs away from her. She stalks her and discovers an entire tribe of survivors, who wear animal hats to protect their necks from vampire bites.

They are led by a man named Two Bread Tom, and the bunny girl is named Jo. They initially run away from Marceline because of her sharp demon teeth and her ability to fly, but eventually come to trust her. She becomes good friends with Jo. At some point, the second member of the Vampire Court, the Empress, meets Simon and tricks him into doing her bidding. Marceline stakes the Empress, steals her soul, and gains from her the power of invisibility. It is unknown whether or not she meets back up with Simon during this ordeal. If you really cared about him, why'd you let him degenerate into this pathetic clown character?

He used to have more of a silver fox thing going on with his hair and those cute glasses. He was happier then, you know. When he was serving me. Marceline decides to take a personal journey away from the tribe to visit the city where Simon abandoned her, perhaps hoping to recapture the happier times of her life which she spent with him. To her surprise, she meets a second tribe of humans there, including two children named Rock and Twiggy who are almost certainly young enough to have been born after the war.

They spend their time hiding from a member of the Vampire Court named the Moon, so Marceline stakes her and absorbs her soul and her self-healing powers, meaning that she can sustain serious injuries without being permanently harmed. However, the tribe moves away without knowing what Marceline did for them. Their fates are unknown. A month later, back with the first tribe, Two Bread Tom tells Marceline that they will not be able to stay on the mainland even if she kills all the vampires because of changing atmospheric conditions and the incoming magical nuclear winter.

Their plan is to refurbish a large pre-war cargo ship.

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It's not just the vampires, or the oozers, or them hungry-looking rainbows. The latest atmospheric readings are going bananas. Something big is coming, and it's gonna change all this. No, we'd do best to clear out of this continent altogether. The tribe is suddenly attacked by the last of the vampires and is forced to set sail as soon as possible.

Marceline stakes and sucks the soul of the Heirophant, absorbing his shape-shifting powers. This leaves the Vampire King as the very last of his kind. However, just as she is forcing her stake through his heart, he bites her neck and transforms her into a vampire herself. The humans set sail without her. This has since been contradicted because Marceline is the last of her kind. Some of the other comics also suggest that Marceline is actually a ruler due to her title, but this is false. Marceline realises that she is allergic to sunlight and craves the colour red.

She becomes immortal and stops ageing in her late teens. After accidentally draining the blood from Schwabl, she tracks down the group of wizards who obtained the Enchiridion and steals it from them. She uses a resurrection spell on Schwabl, turning him into an immortal undead creature just like her. Necromancy is added to her growing repertoire of supernatural abilities. Note: Marcy's scrapbook shows that Schwabl was red before Marceline became a vampire, but the Stakes miniseries and the Spoooktacular show that he has always been white.

Due to the advancing global winter, Marceline decides to use her undead powers to hibernate until it is over. She falls asleep in a cave with Schwabl, and uses the Enchiridion as a pillow. She remains in this state until the winter is over. The human tribe sets sail without Marceline and heads south-west. On the thirty-third day of their voyage, the ship is attacked by sea monsters, but they are able to fend off the creatures. The next day, they arrive on a large island where they meet up with another tribe of humans.

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The leaders of the tribes begin fabricating a new society and name their new home "Founders' Island". Note: If the name of the island refers to just a single founder i.

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Two Bread Tom then the apostrophe would be placed like so: "Founder's Island". However, the name probably refers to multiple founders, and therefore the apostrophe should be placed after the word, like so: "Founders' Island". It is spelt the second way in the official cookbook, so that's what I'm going with. A while later, once the humans have established a sizeable colony, Jo Marceline's friend , Two Bread Tom, and an islander named Michiko embark on an expedition to explore more of the island.

Jo gets abducted by a giant bird and carried to the other side of the island, and spends weeks making her way back again. Tom decides that, to avoid losing anyone else, the islanders should construct a guardian to kill anything that tries to enter or leave the Islands. When Jo returns, she disagrees with his plans to seal off the island, so she and a group of the other islanders rebel and split from the main group. You aren't going anywhere. None of us are. We're staying right here. We're not going to lose anyone else! The humans on the Islands are able to survive the magical nuclear winter.

Over the course of the next millennium, they rebuild their society to a level beyond pre-war technology. They reinvent cars, robotics, computers, flying machines, advanced medical technology, geoengineering and much more. The animal hats originally worn by the tribe members to protect against vampire bites remain an important part of their culture and a symbol of their highly protective attitude.

The tribe leaders, including Two Bread Tom, become deified in the islanders' mythology as the legendary "Founders", while Jo and the other splitters eventually become derogatorily known as "hiders" who try to escape the Islands. The humans also colonise two other islands in the chain: Hub Island, a major colony, and the unnamed island containing Better Reality , a VR game which allows many humans to retreat into a virtual world. We had to leave our place because The world was dying And everyone that wasn't dead Spent all of their time crying Our ways had failed, nature had failed We made a lot of errors The Founders had some new ideas That made everything better.

The Founders dreamt of this island Our ships landed on its shore They built our wonderful Guardian To keep destruction from our door. Despite the successful establishment of a human settlement on the Islands, the society is not entirely safe from disaster.

In about AMB an unknown catastrophe causes much loss to the humans, but they are able to recover after it is over. A chunk of the western former United States becomes isolated and forms the small island continent of Ooo. This process is incredibly quick due to the rapidly advancing winter, the Great Tidal Wave, and the elasticity of the world.

Much of the cityscape becomes completely submerged under the ocean. It is unknown exactly how long the formation takes. The Land of Ooo is west of the giant crater, suggesting that most of the rest of the United States was completely wiped off the face of the planet. The first known use of the word "Ooo" is by a human named Horn during the humans' voyage.

The word is possibly derived from Marceline's name for the mutated zombies, "oozers", especially since Simon originally spelled it with three Os. Out of universe, it is most likely a made up word meant to suggest a sense of wonder. The Land of Ooo is a volatile and unstable place, but it remains intact for at least the next two thousand years. It is not known what happens to the rest of the world, although it is implied that it has become mostly uninhabitable:. We had some weird sludge guys. No vampires, though. Mostly it was just really hot.

But like, the too-hot-to-live kind of hot. The Music Hole believes she has been singing since the beginning of Ooo. Due to the increased elasticity of the world and the much greater capacity to perform magic, wizardry begins to become a valid profession once again. A whole community of magic users develops in the Land of Ooo, and they eventually build a hidden city.

Many of them seek to unlock the knowledge held by the magic users of the previous era of wizardry, often known as "antediluvian magic". An asteroid ends up on a collision course with a temple called the Grand Hall of Wizardry. It is kept suspended by the "Ultimate Wizards", who spend their whole lives casting a spell to prevent it from crashing down onto the temple. Prior to the Mushroom War, a human named Randall N. Byron grew up to become an accomplished video game hacker under the alias "Kewlboy". My magnum opus was a piece of self-replicating code that sought out games and modified them to give you better dudes to play with.

Sometimes the dudes would even get my face. Despite the claim that his game mods are his greatest achievement, he also manages to do something far more noteworthy: he programs his entire consciousness into a computer program and survives the Mushroom War. Following the war, Randall and his magnum opus proliferate through thousands of decaying machines and eventually meet a pre-war military program called the Omega Algorithm, whose purpose was to destroy whatever system it was installed on. As usual, my software infected it.

But Omega was different: it adapted to what my code was doing. Something new. Their mission changed.

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This new virus eventually infects a copy of the video game Super Guts Punch 3 which would one day fall into the hands of BMO. About a thousand years ago, I gestated in this sentient pink soup. After it blasted me out on my own, I became self-aware. I became independent The Mother Gum drops two children made of bubblegum: Bonnibel and Neddy. Bonnibel is the reincarnation of the Candy Elemental following the death of the previous one in the Great Mushroom War.

While Bonnibel is fascinated by the world around her, Neddy is terrified of everything he comes into contact with, and only his sister is able to comfort him. Eventually, he begins suckling on a small candy tree and producing a strange liquid, which seems to keep him contented. Bonnibel begins to set up her home around the tree. By this point, the magical nuclear winter is subsiding.

Evergreen's crown still doesn't allow Simon to die, so he has become a lonely and senile old man known as the Ice King, ruling over a small snowy region in the north of Ooo called the Ice Kingdom. It was a lot different back in the Mother Gum. We all had each other's backs. I'm going to make more of us, Neddy. I know you don't care, and that's fine, but I need to be around people like me.

After stumbling across a family portrait in an abandoned gas station, Bonnibel decides to create her own family. She uses her scientific equipment to animate three more gum people, who she names Aunt Lolly, Cousin Chicle and Uncle Gumbald. They begin to expand their small settlement. Initially her new creations are obedient, but they soon begin to act more independently. Gumbald cuts down the taffy trees, builds his own cabin, and establishes plans to build an entire city out of candy.

Bonnibel doesn't like this idea so floods his construction site by creating Butterscotch Lake. Tired of his niece's control issues, Gumbald devises a plan to depose Bonnibel by creating a potion called "Dum Dum Juice" that will render her completely stupid and unable to meddle in his plans. He creates Mr. Cream Puff as a love interest for Bonnibel to distract her, then double-crosses Molly and Chicle by testing the Dum Dum Juice on them, transforming them into the candy people who would later become known as Manfried and Crunchy.

Before Gumbald can use it on Bonnibel, she is able to shatter the flask containing the potion, which spills over Gumbald and transforms him into Punchy. Seeing how happy and carefree these new creations are, she decides to create more of the dumb and docile candy people by administering Dum Dum Juice to them as soon as they are created.

She is only comfortable when she is the one in charge. In further revenge for Gumbald's actions, Bubblegum steals his plans to construct a city from candy and runs with it herself, under the title of Princess. I've been protecting them down here all these years. In this raw, primal form they're quite sensitive. Marceline, word has it you're more than a thousand years old. Does that mean you spend a lot of time on the Internet checking for obituaries and going to friends' funerals? I mean, they must die, like, every week!

Marceline wakes up from her long hibernation, and is still alive thanks to the fact that vampires don't age. She meets Bonnibel Bubblegum, who by this point is preparing to construct her kingdom.

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  5. Somehow, the Enchiridion that Marceline was carrying ends up stowed away on Mount Cragdor. It's possible that Marceline shows it to Bubblegum, who recognises its importance and has it protected. Despite their very opposite personalities, Marceline and Bubblegum become good friends thanks to their mutual longevity and eventually begin dating. Marceline takes Bubblegum to her first punk show where someone spills food down her shirt, so Marceline buys her a new shirt from the merchandise counter to cover the stain.

    Despite hating the actual show, the shirt becomes Bubblegum's most treasured possession. They would also sometimes explore the candy mines together. After a lot of persuasion, Marceline manages to get Bubblegum to graffiti on the walls. At around this time, Bubblegum digs up two gemstones, one red and one blue, which crashed to Earth millions of years ago. She turns them into magic amulets not to be confused with the Time Amulet ; the red one can shoot lasers and the blue one can bring robots to life. She gives the red one to Marceline and keeps the blue one for herself. Note: In the comics, Marceline is shown living in the Tree Fort at this time, which doesn't make any sense since this happens before Shoko's death.

    Also, it is implied that Bubblegum didn't create the candy people or claim the title of princess until after she met Marceline, which is now known to be false as shown in Bonnibel Bubblegum. Finn and Jake arrive during the construction of the Candy Kingdom while travelling through time after escaping the Vanishing Point. Marceline and Bubblegum are still on good terms at this point.

    Marceline gives them the Time Amulet which she has been holding ever since the last time Finn and Jake visited her, back when she was travelling with Simon. Since Marceline and Finn and Jake met each other in opposite order, the Time Amulet is actually an example of a causal loop, or a bootstrap paradox, having manifested from nothing with no true origin. The Time Amulet helps Finn and Jake to find their way home.

    Note: This sequence of events suggests that Marceline should already recognise Finn and Jake when they first meet in Evicted! However, it's possible that she eventually forgets her strange past encounters with these strangers. Marceline and Bubblegum fall out after Bubblegum becomes too obsessed with politics and building her kingdom and isn't able to make time for her friend anymore. I didn't have to always worry about so many things, y'know? The Candy Kingdom used to be so small; so manageable.

    But then it kept growing and growing, and there was always some new disaster to prepare against. It's likely that Marceline goes back into hibernation multiple times, which would explain why her mental age doesn't seem to be that much older than her apparent physical age, and why she is still upset with her father about the fry incident nearly a thousand years after it occurred. She begins writing her angsty five hundred year journal at around this time, and also begins writing her annual hourly comics in AMB. She claims to have been in a gang with three ghosts named Wendy, Booboo, and Georgie.

    Marceline might have also had a second dog named Pickles at some point, in addition to Schwabl. Meanwhile, Bubblegum begins dating Mr. Cream Puff again, possibly to spite Marceline. I needed my own life. I never saw the danger. It's such a long life I was sure there'd be time for us again.

    But then you were gone. And time seemed finite again. And I was afraid. When she is young, her parents apparently trade her right arm for a computer and then abandon her in a dojo, and she ends up becoming a freelance thief. She has a pet tiger who happens to be a previous life of Jake the dog. At one point, she meets the Ice King and frees him from a group of evil lunch ladies.

    Around five hundred years after the Mushroom War, she is hired by the Bath Boy Gang to steal Princess Bubblegum's Blue Amulet, so she knocks herself out and gets taken into care within the walls of the fledgling Candy Kingdom, where she befriends Princess Bubblegum. She helps her complete her secret project, the Gumball Guardians, powerful robots that are charged with protecting the Candy Kingdom from evil.

    Bubblegum activates them using the power of the Blue Amulet. Despite the initial plan, Shoko becomes conflicted about completing the job after Bubblegum gifts her a new robotic arm. However, she goes through with it anyway and attempts to steal the amulet while Bubblegum is asleep. She is spotted and attacked by the Gumball Guardians, who send her hurtling into the radioactive river which still surrounds the kingdom.

    Mutated and disfigured, but endowed with a new biological arm, Shoko crawls away and dies under the sapling of a willow tree. The sapling would eventually grow into the mighty willow that becomes the Tree Fort, with Shoko's corpse and the stolen amulet embedded into its trunk. You don't understand. The things I've seen Princess Bubblegum do I wouldn't cross her if I were you. Her arsenal. Her temper. While Princess Bubblegum often comes across as a benevolent and carefree leader, the early Candy Kingdom is not as sweet as its name might suggest. She is largely feared by her subjects due to the fact that the story of the first candy people becomes warped and corrupted, framing Gumbald as the victim and Bonnibel as the enemy:.

    She's an unknowable goddess. When the first candy people rose against her, she transformed them into hideous monsters. Her own brother Neddy: she imprisoned him beneath the great tree. And the rattleball boys? She iced all those guys. She's amazing, and she's flippin' scary. This reputation is not helped by several questionable authoritarian actions taken by Bubblegum in the early years of her reign. In order to enforce the law within the fledgling candy kingdom, Bubblegum first creates the Banana Guard.

    However, they are largely ineffective, so she invents a more serious police force, the aforementioned rattleballs:. It was a much wilder time in the Candy Kingdom. I was a member of an elite robot police force created by Princess Bubblegum. Her previous attempts at law enforcement had been a bunch of goofs. Our righteous swords cut a swathe through the chaos, but we were too successful.

    Unfortunately, we were still programmed for violence. We had been judged too dangerous to stay operational, and sentenced to death. I alone escaped, while my compatriots became minimalist furniture. Bubblegum takes extreme action by having all of them executed, and reinstates the Banana Guard. Rattleballs is the only unit to escape. He leaves the walls of the kingdom and goes to live in hiding in the dump. In her controlling paranoia, Bubblegum also establishes mass surveillance networks in her kingdom to watch her citizens and track their every move, although it is not known when exactly she establishes these.

    It might not have been until a much later point. Despite all this, the Candy Kingdom becomes the most stable, safe, and powerful state in Ooo. Under the protection of the Gumball Guardians it grows into a prosperous nation. Bubblegum creates an electricity grid by harnessing the energy of the liquid produced by her brother Neddy, decontaminating the radioactive river in the process. Her territory expands to encompass a large portion of the grasslands. She builds a grand castle and spends a lot of her time locked up inside studying science.

    In addition to the banana guards and the Gumball Guardians, she instates the Royal Hero Draft, a scheme to recruit warriors and heroes who will defend the kingdom. It is likely that Billy and later Finn and Jake will become champions of the kingdom through this scheme. MO Co was founded over one thousand years ago by Moseph Mastro Giovanni, a sad and gentle man beloved only by those he built to belove him.

    MO Co existed before the war and survived thanks to Moe becoming a cyborg. His factory is constructed in the Desert Lands. Moe builds many robots in his "MO" range for various purposes. AMO is neglected by Moe and goes insane from a lack of love, so he decides to leave the factory on a pilgrimage.

    As you were built to give love, AMO was built to receive. But he could not think outside his programming and was blinded by his need, such is the cruel physics of love that those who crave it most will repel it, and only the dang rich get richer. BMO's one of a kind. I sent BMO off into the world alone, hoping he could find a family of his own. Maybe even find somebody else's little boy to take care of. Moe builds many more MOs to populate his factory and to look after him as he becomes older and older. He survives for a thousand years beyond the Great Mushroom War, although by that point he claims that his skin is pretty much the only part of him that remains human.

    Note: BMO is genderless, but uses male pronouns when talking about himself in the third person in Football. Most other characters also assign him male pronouns. However, he is probably much older than this given he was built before the Sleeping Fire Giants. The MOs were not the only things Moe built. As previously mentioned, he probably had some involvement in the design of the Island Guardian and the Martian colony. Furthermore, he is responsible for the construction of legendary machines known as the Sleeping Fire Giants. There was a time before, when we were still Afraid of the dark Then came the first spark, a fiery birth It totally rocked Sentinels crashing down, out of the blue Creating a kingdom of red hue Now there's only few.

    These sleeping gods of tremendous power Can cause a new kingdom to flower So burn as bright as the sun My fiery one If light starts to dim Awaken again The slumbering ones. The Fire Giants ignite the Fire Kingdom in the south of Ooo, allowing for the rise of the flame people. It is unknown what Moe's motives were for building such machines in the first place. Eventually, the documentation for how to operate the Fire Giants is lost. They lie dormant in the catacombs of the Fire Kingdom for centuries. The history of the Fire Kingdom is one full of conspiracy, treachery, and regicide.

    One member of the royal family, who would later become known as "Flame King", plots to take the Red Throne by murdering the impeding heirs until it is rightfully his. A flame guard named Leroy assists in overthrowing seven different rulers to allow Flame King to eventually rise to power. One of those rulers is Flame King's brother, who is murdered by Flame King. His children Furnius and Torcho swear vengeance upon their uncle.

    However, this story is written by Tree Trunks to take place in a fictional universe and therefore this might not be true. Numerous other kingdoms and states begin to crop up all over Ooo. Most of them are tiny and remain under the effective jurisdiction of the Candy Kingdom, such as the Hot Dog Kingdom. However, a few are large enough to rival it.

    The princesses and other leaders form various political organisations to keep the peace. Princess Bubblegum, ruler of the Candy Kingdom, does her best to remain the de facto dictator of Ooo through a combination of excellent diplomacy and some other shadier dealings.

    The princess even other princesses call "The Princess". Sweet as candy. Just as bad for my teeth. The Slime Kingdom eventually falls under the rule of Slime Princess, who is the reincarnation of the Slime Elemental following the death of the previous one in the Great Mushroom War. Most kingdoms are ruled by a leader with the title "princess", even though prior to the war this title was used only by female heirs.

    This is because Bubblegum chose to adopt the title in revenge for Gumbald mockingly calling her "prinzessin". It's likely that the other kingdom founders follow suit. However, some kingdoms including Lumpy Space and the Fire Kingdom continue to use the title in the traditional sense, with the actual rulers being called kings and queens. Bubblegum probably distributes the Gems of Power from the Enchiridion to some of the other royals for safekeeping. They all attach the gems to their crowns, including Bubblegum who keeps one for herself, granting them immunity to the Lich's telepathic abilities.

    Note: One of the Gems of Power is a gem from Evergreen's crown, even though the crown gems are known to have a different origin. Turtle Princess is the ruler of the library, and her books are secretly under the protection of the pagelings; paper creatures who fight off the book-soiling moldos.

    In his grief and madness over the loss of Margles, Magic Man has spent the past few millennia tormenting the people of Mars. Most notoriously, he creates three plagues:. His last act against the Martians is chaining them all together and driving over them with a school bus as a literal enactment of "throwing them under the bus". After escaping from the chains, Abraham Lincoln gives up trying to reason with Magic Man and finally sentences him to banishment.

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    • Knowing the Facts about A Course in Miracles.
    • Books by D.B. Story (Author of Far Future Fembot)!
    • Danger my ally.

    Magic Man, you caused nothing but turmoil and chaos for us on Mars. We thought banishing you to this world would help you see the light of our utopian super-society. Now tell us. What have you learned in these past two hundred years? Magic Man is left on Earth with a transporter which will allow him to return to Mars at any time, but it can only be activated if the user cares about someone.

    Since Magic Man hasn't cared about anyone since Margles, he becomes stranded on Earth and spends all his time being a jerk to various people. That's the thing. My special thing. A Martian transporter. My brothers gave it to me when they banished me to Earth. They thought I'd learn love and use it to go back home. You put your hands on those thingies and think stuff about people. But it's broken! Hasn't worked in two hundred years. Magic Man ends up living in Ooo in a small shack in the forest with his psychologically damaged hostage-pet, named Tiny Manticore, who develops Stockholm syndrome in his captivity.

    Ice King creates the Hall of Just Ice, at the end of which is hidden his "treasure". Hunson creates the Nightmareosphere, a fiery dungeon with plentiful monsters. Unbeknownst to either of them, the Lich also constructs a segment of the dungeon where he hides the Echo of the Lich, a fragment of his own soul. The Echo is capable of impersonating loved ones and transporting its victims into a made-up fantasy.

    Why do you want to leave us, Finn? You can be happy here. Everything can be perfect, like the Lich wants it to be. He hates all life, Finn. He's going to end this world soon. He wants you to be in it when he does. You don't need to run. You should be happy, because you don't need to do anything anymore. All you need to do is die. I can't remember everything for a thousand years, Finn. There's only so much room up here! Every new memory I make pushes out an old one, and a lot of those old ones are things nobody else remembers anymore. These dang ol' memories are precious, Finn, or at least I thought they were before I forgot the reasons why.

    There's stuff up here that I don't want to lose. After roaming the post-apocalyptic world for hundreds of years, the immortal penguin form of Orgalorg crosses the ocean to the Land of Ooo and ends up in the Ice Kingdom. The Ice King adopts Orgalorg and renames him "Gunter", which is a corruption of the name of Evergreen's dinosaur servant "Gunther". This is the day I found him. And this is his first birthday His fifteenth birthday His hundred and fifteenth birthday Gunter becomes Ice King's lovable pet penguin.

    While Ice King is usually depicted to be the one in charge, it's quite easy to get the impression that Gunter is a little more than meets the eye. Of all history's greatest monsters, you are by far the most evil thing I've encountered. Offer your soul to me, dark one. Who's the greatest warrior ever?

    A hero of renown! Who slayed an evil ocean; Who cast the Lich King down! Billy is a great hero of the Land of Ooo, who wields a sword named Nothung and becomes a role model to many aspiring adventurers. He lives in a cave called "Billy's Crack" which was formerly owned by Marceline. Despite his legendary status, however, there are some fights that even Billy can't win.

    After spending nearly a thousand years gathering his power following the catalytic cataclysm that was the Great Mushroom War, the Lich makes his first attempt to end all life, and by proxy the Multiverse:. Beyond Iceberg Lake lies the ruins of the Lich's tower, where he was converting the planet's life-force into unholy power to destroy all of Ooo. But before he could, the legendary Billy attacked him and pummelled him into the resin of this tree. The Lich loses one of his horns in the battle and becomes imprisoned in amber within the Great Candy Tree, where Bubblegum guards him to prevent his escape.

    While Billy goes down in history as having cast down the Lich, he is ashamed of the fact that he could not end the fight for good. Billy gives up his heroism and retreats into himself:. In my youth, I was much like you. Wore a silly little outfit. Even had a magic dog. All my life I've beaten on evil creatures, but new evil keeps popping up. Kicking their butts was a hopeless effort.

    Lecture 03 : Introduction to Biochemistry Laboratory Equipments and Safety Measures

    In reality, Billy is an over-the-hill, crapulous cretin, now hired by villagers out of pity as a handyman, pizza deliverer, or scarecrow. Canyon is a water elemental not to be confused with the actual Elementals who dated Billy while he is in his prime. Finn and Jake briefly meet Canyon and Billy while they are travelling through time after escaping the Vanishing Point. Billy and I broke up four years ago. I loved Billy and I believed in him. But then Billy stopped believing, and that jammed up our whole deal: being a top-tier red-belt power couple.

    Terri Ginsberg, Andrea Mensch, Yet, it's not fair to blame Morrissey Murphy, Commenting directly on this Biller asserts that This movie has been dismissed by many distributors because they see it as a trash film. The sexploitation genre is generally considered to be unsuitable for film Xavier Mendik, The Pearl Wilson LinkedIn profile is one set up as part of a " sexploitation " scam aimed at tricking politicians, councillors and teachers into compromising FBI searching for sexploitation victims, two identified in Kentucky.

    More than teenage victims have been identified, including two in A young man in Britain recently killed himself after being blackmailed by a gang online. Ronan Hughes, a seventeen year old school boy from Northern Ireland, A well-rounded cinematic diet needs sexploitation films just as surely as it needs Kurosawa and Fellini. Probably more so, because they're in English and Whether it's a second-hand idea, a famous title or the presence of a celebrity, most films seek to exploit at least one key element, and in the sexploitation genre, Assembly Members warned they could be targeted by ' sexploitation ….

    Members of the National Assembly have been warned that they could be targeted by criminals involved in a blackmail scam. North Wales Police contacted Police officers from Newfoundland and Labrador are using the U. Department of Homeland Security to obtain information on social media accounts for their They are terrible, awful, no-good, John Doyle: Women, sexploitation and television — crisis, what crisis?

    Sometimes, intruding into the screenings, the peddling of shows and the actors preening, here on the TV Critics Press Tour, a serious discussion breaks out. Sexploitation [online].