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The vast amount of people using Google products is unimaginable. If I were to count the number of products that Google owns, I would probably get lost.

Organizing a list of friends and peers must be one of the most time-consuming tasks that we do on the web these days. These are essentially groups that you can name and sort anyway you like.

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It took me a while to get on board and begin using it. On the same note, you can get access to some amazing statistics about yourself or your competitors by using CircleCount. Here is what it says about Cardinal Path:. As you can see, my graph does not look as pretty:. Last week, I read an exceptional post by Mike Proctor and he led me to this snippet inside Google Webmaster Guidelines :. His conclusion is they do have a direct effect.

These are separate entities and should not be confused as being just one. Local businesses can benefit from providing more information to their customers and brands from having an additional channel to find more customers online. You can see the number of followers, views but also interactions with the pages.

How to Merge Google My Business and Google+ Business

The number of followers you can get depends on the time and effort you devote to Google plus, the popularity of your niche and of course the quality of your posts. Once you create your business page make sure that you add a nice cover image and your logo. Making a first good impression is important so spend some time thinking what to add and what message you want to pass to your readers and potential followers of the page.

You can verify your page by following the instructions here.

How to Get a Verified Name

Once the page is verified claim your custom URL as well. For example this is the url of a page before and after getting the custom url:. Make sure that you write a description about your business, products and services in the ABOUT section and also that you verify your contact information. In the links section, you can add a link to your website and also to your other social media pages. You can create the badge in different types and sizes by using this official tool from Google.

Great Google+ Pages

Or have you looked for other solutions to consolidating your Google presence? Let me know in the comments!

We've driven over 4 million leads for clients in the last five years. Share this article: Return to top. Update: In Oct. Select Pages from the bar on the left-hand side.

What Does the End of Google+ Mean for Local Businesses?

Click Manage this page on the local page. Click the sidebar in the upper left corner. Click Settings.

Scroll to the Profile section. Click Connect a different page. Shows business information and reviews from former local page.

Coming up on B2C Webcasts

Shows name and verification badge from former local page. No longer shows photos from former local page. Retains followers, posts, and managers from former local page. No longer shows owner responses to local reviews.