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Bella gives birth to a vampire-human hybrid, Renesmee. Well, she doesn't exactly give birth.

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The little nudger, who nearly kills her mother from inside, is ripped from Bella's body with toothy tears by her loving husband, Edward, while friend-enemy-protector-tormentor Jacob administers. The event is colored in "vivid red" and punctuated by a "fountain" of blood, a "gush" of blood, a "bucket" of blood and a blood faucet "twisted to full.

Transforming one of the novel's most traumatic moments into a cinematic scene would be a challenge for any filmmaker. But when shepherding the fourth installment, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1," of one of America's most beloved franchises, it must be done delicately. Twilight marathons. What: A package deal to see the first three films back-to-back, followed by a midnight screening of "Breaking Dawn -- Part 1. When: Thursday afternoon. For director Bill Condon , it was all a matter of perspective.

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When it's not from Jacob's point of view, you're inside Bella's head. So since we built the whole movie that way, by the time you get to the birth, it's OK that you're on the slab with her. Bella has just gotten a shot of morphine, and she's giving birth to this baby, and it's all craziness around her. We're seeing what she's seeing and her reaction to it.

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The first three "Twilight" films were rated PG, and the franchise was not going to veer into R-rated territory and risk alienating its tween and teen fans, not to mention their parents, who have embraced the series in part for its chaste, good-girl messages. Of course, the characters and story evolve sharply in "Breaking Dawn," creating new challenges for its three young stars, Kristen Stewart , Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Bella and Edward get married, go on a honeymoon and soon discover that Bella is pregnant.

Edward is immediately concerned for her health. In the "Twilight" movie world, the blood-spurting birth scene happens, just not graphically. Then you come back and see the result of it, but you don't see every gruesome detail. Rne , Aug 10, Location: florida. Dark side,to me Piper is a Psych band playing songs,dark side is a journey.

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Two era's and two different fan bases. There is no correct answer. All about which hit a nerve with you!

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I love them both! CybrKhatru , Aug 10, I've had more time to think about it. It's definitely more atmospheric. I always try to play fair. I also love 'Animals' even though it is more Waters dominated. On the original question, they are just 2 completely different albums by 2 different main creators of the band, so it not a matter of saying 1 is better.

I guess it depends on what I feel like listening to on a particular day. Speaking about psychedelic music, I just discovered the song, 'Section 43' by Country Joe. I am also exploring Jefferson Airplane, beyond 'White Rabbit', as loved that song, so hoping to find more songs from them like that one.

Counterbalance No. 99: Pink Floyd's 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn'

TheSeldomSeenKid , Aug 11, Perched on the edge between night and day, birth and decay, death and renewal, is the moment of transformation, a time without beginning or end With great pleasure we present our latest compilation, The Dark Side of Dawn. Blue Hour Sounds artists and passionate DJs Robin Gaiana and Peyo selected these stunning sonic sculptures, searching for music that can forge a bridge from dark foresty nights into mystical misty mornings.

Expect serious rolling basslines, deep atmospheres, crunchy leads and dense forest sounds, with just a hint of color to call out for the coming of day.