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Loud, gratuitous, heterosexual sucking, kissing, or squeezing appearing out of no where in a science fiction fantasy film is most often a no-no for me too. In truth, I never expect nor wish to see explicit sex of any kind when I watch a movie, lesbian, gay, or otherwise. Months ago, my teaching contract was terminated in a school system located in a Middle Eastern country for sharing an article in a local newspaper about a native woman granted permission to have the first gender change surgery in national history.

No regrets. One of my college roommates came out to me as gay. All I cared about was his well-being and nothing else. I have a gay first cousin who is a genius, literally. Our mothers grew up close. They were children nine and ten of thirteen. They died within a few months of each other in My life would have deeper meaning with my cousin in it today.

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Sometimes, wounds are too deep, forgiveness, not an option. Civil War carnage? Keep cool, as often as you can. I can parent a ton of stuff, but I gotta draw the line at chocolaty gay hand job adapted for the movie screen.

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Perfection is not a requirement of parenting, as any teacher will tell you. My other issue? Is it possible to have gorgeous, chocolaty skin and be gay without having suffered significant psycho-emotional trauma as a child? I realize the entire point of watching a movie is drama, I do. When we purchase a movie ticket or legally download an app allowing us to illegally download a movie , we are volunteering to have our emotions poked and prodded as we struggle to keep it together.

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When will more people care? We do exist. I love that line. Black people can call us crackers because they didn't enslave our entire race for years Flag deathtotheweird on October 29, General Comment This hidden track might have some of the sickest lines in all of technique's music. General Comment yea, the reference to pi makes me smirk every time, so clever. General Comment "And your crew is full of more faggots than Greek mythology" Immortal Technique isn't as credible or revolutionary as everyone makes him seem.

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Read between the lines you dipshit. Flag Beavis46 on July 25, General Comment My boyfriend and I laughed hysterically at the "I'll resurrect every aborted baby and start an army" line.

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General Comment "I'm like time itself, I'm gonna kill you inevitably" -Are you fuckin serious??! Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! And, yes, it's made zillions doing business in countries that sponsor terrorism, including members of the ''axis of evil'' that is so despised by the president.

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But the wrath of the White House has not come thundering down on Halliburton for consorting with the enemy. And there's been very little public criticism. This is not some hapless singing group we're talking about.

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  • Halliburton is a court favorite. So instead of being punished for its misdeeds, it's been handed a huge share of the riches to be reaped from the reconstruction of Iraq and U. A Democratic congressman, Henry Waxman of California, has raised pointed questions about the propriety of rewarding Halliburton with lucrative contracts as part of the U.

    Waxman wrote:. Yet Halliburton appears to have sought to circumvent these restrictions by setting up subsidiaries in foreign countries and territories such as the Cayman Islands. These actions started as early as ; they appear to have continued during the period between and , when Vice President Cheney headed the company; and they are apparently ongoing even today. According to Mr.

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