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We are super excited to play at the festival in just a few weeks!! Hope to see you there!! Check out the event here: www. Los Plantronics feat. Gig poster by Johnny Stingray www. Art by Johnny Stingray. It will be great to be back in Copenhagen, and hope to see many familiar faces there! We start the show at , so bring your kids, your family, your wife and your mexican lover, and get ready for some sweet mariachi death surf accompanied with some chili con carne!

Hope to see you there! We have some new gigs for this Christmas and , and more to come. Click here for more photos from the Day of the Dead. Click here for more pictures! En skikkelig opptur av et album! Buy it here! Musikalsk voodoo for viderekomne. In a way, this album has a more focused vision of a proper long play, as opposed to a collection of good songs. If you dig organic music and recordings you will dig this and with a gumbo of different influences the album is one big pot of boiling Organic Voodoo soup! Photos by Jan R. Fra kl 12 vil det bli Tattoolounge, Elvisgrill, Kunstutstilling, Fashionshow, Trylling, Lekepark for barn i alle aldre, Husband, Filmvisning for kidsa, Kustombil utstilling og masse mer!

Old news but we just found this one, concerning Loneseome Traveller, an old song in the Los Plantronics songbook. See link and comment at the bottom of the page sorry only in Norwegian :. Fredriksstad Blad has posted some photos on their website from our gig with Torqueflite at Fredriksstad Rockeklubb. Click here to chek them out. Paul-Ronney dro til England for ca. Siden har de turnert U. Og eksklusiv gjest Mr. We have finished recording material for a new album at Parachute studio engineered by Roar Nilsen. So far so good!

This past weekend was my first time playing with her, and first time meeting her, and first time playing the Diana Ross music. She goes off stage and changes about three or four times. The band is kicking. The band grooves.

The grooves are tight. I really dug it musically. Jackson : Yeah, a lot of the old Motown stuff is tambourine for the percussionist. She lets people groove.

Give winter the cold shoulder in a floral top like Christina's

Like, for instance, check this out — the MD musical director is a guy named C. You know, pick it up and flip it like you do with the shekere.

First time seeing her, period, live, is when she comes on stage. She likes to hear them grooving. And then she comes back out. And then for the last song, she introduces everybody, and she gets to me, and I pick up the shekere and I started playing the shekere and flipping it, and she comes over. Play the congas! So, I played the last four bars on congas.

And I look at the bass player, C. So then she invited everybody to dinner afterwards. I had to get my stuff, pack up the stuff I brought, and then change, and then go to the restaurant. I want you to play that. I like the congas. Rio de Janeiro native Antonio Adolfo was just a teenager in the early s when he became part of the bossa nova revolution that was sweeping Brazil and the rest of the world. Not content to spend most of his career backing vocalists, the pianist and many of his peers began crafting a more rhythmically robust instrumental interpretation of the lithe and flirtatious bossa.

The alley was termed Beco das Garrafas Bottles Alley because residents of neighboring apartments would shower the tiny space with beer bottles to protest the early morning racket produced by Bohemian revelers and impromptu jam sessions. The budding pianist and composer recalls taking a bus with his 3D Trio companions to perform a set at the bar in On Samba Jazz Alley, Adolfo has the luxury of performing with a core ensemble that features the talents of some of the best Brazilian jazz musicians of their generation.

Samba Jazz Alley is another triumph for Antonio Adolfo and a landmark recording in the still evolving Samba Jazz movement. Boz Scaggs is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Maceo Parker will be magnificent in no small part due to the fact that he carries with him the spirit of James Brown, with whom he played for years.

Maceo Parker is the epitome of Funk and Soul saxophone. And E-Collective guitarist Charles Altura is something special to behold. These cats have been producing outstanding, innovative, and just downright cool Jazz sounds for over 40 years. Really glad to see them on the bill.

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Sheila E. Sheila is one of the best drummers in the world, and Latin Jazz on the festival is always welcome. West African griot and kora player Sona Jobarteh will provide some marvelous sounds, as well as help remind us where most of the rest of the music on the festival originally came from. Cuban musicians produce some of the edgiest music in Jazz, and this band is no exception. Ndugu touched the lives of many, and this tribute performance promises to be an unforgettable event.

I spoke with percussionist Munyungo Jackson about the Ndugu tribute. The conversation about his long-time friend Ndugu ended up being a fascinating discourse touching on a lot of wonderful music history of Jazz, Soul, and Hip-Hop. The World Stage presents Jazz and more every night of the week.

The KJazz In addition to the above-mentioned shows, the Baked Potato also has great live music every night of the week. The weather was great. After the NAMM convention hall closes at p. This year was no exception, although the number of these events seems to be dwindling. In previous years, virtually every ballroom at the Hilton and Marriott the two closest hotels next door to the Anaheim Convention Center, where NAMM takes place would have music events going on in the evenings, but this year there were noticeably fewer of these types of events.

In fact, some of the hotel ballroom-area hallways were virtual ghost towns on some evenings during NAMM. But many of the ballroom events which used to be open to virtually anyone are giving way to private, invitation-only, or ticketed events. But those who are privy to attend these exclusive events very often find that the music performances at them are the highlights of their NAMM experience.

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The TEC ceremony TEC is an acronym for Technical Excellence and Creativity features prestigious luminaries from the music world presenting awards to honor innovative products, companies, and individuals for their cutting-edge excellence in audio for TV, film, video games, recordings, and live events. The TEC awards were founded by Mix magazine in and since have been headed by the TEC Foundation for Excellence in Audio, a non-profit organization that offers scholarships in addition to working toward advancing efforts in the field of hearing health, especially toward preventing hearing loss in the music environment.

Earplugs these days are a must for music performers and audience members alike. Introduced this year at NAMM, Loop earplugs have a built-in acoustic channel and filter that provides a 20dB equal sound reduction across all frequencies. Music and speech remain clear, but at a lower volume. They look cool, feel great, and they work. Check them out at loopearplugs.

The jam started in , and was led by guitarist John Ziegler until health issues prevented him from performing in mid The Jazz Bakery, long in search of a new permanent home since losing their lease in on their original Helms Bakery space in Culver City, has finally found a new location. The Moss Theater is an intimate seat state-of-the-art venue with excellent acoustics designed by Yasuhisa Toyoto, who also designed the acoustics at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Jazz Bakery shows are curated by Ruth Price, and she has impeccable taste in her selection of performers. One upcoming show at the Bakery that stands out even among all the good shows there — and is a must-see for Latin Jazz lovers — is Omar Sosa on Saturday, March Rooted in the music traditions of Cuba and Africa, Sosa is energized by influences from all aspects of life, and is a master at expressing feelings and emotions in the form of sound.

Omar Sosa plays music from the heart to the heart. He takes Latin Jazz on a journey to places it needs to go, new places, uniting listeners through sonic innovation. He accomplishes the rare feat of being both edgy and accessible at the same time. Stay tuned…. Musician attendees must officially be either a sponsored artist, working for a NAMM member company, or be performing at the event. What is the NAMM experience like for a musician? To some, attending NAMM is a dreaded chore — a necessary evil. To others, NAMM is an exciting annual highlight which has spawned new musical collaborations, endorsement deals, and innovative product discoveries.

Here is their perspective on NAMM, in their own words:. Tiki Pasillas: I go to NAMM to sometimes perform for my endorsers, catch up with friends, see new players and products, as well as network. Some are good, but a handful are just overwhelming at times. You never know what will happen until you are actually there. Eddie Resto — bassist, artist endorser. If you have a problem with huge crowds of excited people from all over the globe that have this huge grand thing in common, to make great music and to manufacture excellent instruments and products — if this is the thing that makes you steer clear of the NAMM show, then do not attend.

This is the only thing that bonds us all together as a species, music! This is special, especially after these tumultuous years we have experienced across the globe. The electricity that I experienced in that impromptu performance lives in me to this day.

Give winter the cold shoulder in a floral top like Christina's

The novelty of going and being there wore off many years ago. I envision all of these music industry folks and retailers the vast majority of whom live somewhere far away from here, where winters are very real! Also, for a show that is supposed to be closed to the public and open only to members of the trade, it seems that the majority of the people who attend the show and wander through the booths really have no business being there. IDs were never checked and security was extremely lax.

A guitar pick! Attending the show had yet to become a drudgery-filled chore. It was an exciting opportunity to glimpse into a world that was, at that time, still full of glamour and mystique. Sibling rivalry I imagine that he might rise to the occasion to defend his brother rather than hit him. Standing side by side, Alejandro will come to his sibling's rescue. And bullies? Well they'll be running when they see Alejandro coming down the alley.

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Give your son this name and you can rest as night because he is bravely standing guard! The female form of Daniel, this name means "God is my Judge.

Maybe she'll be the one to bring your breakfast in bed, or clean her room without asking. Perhaps she'll be the kind of teenager that calls when she gets there, and calls when she leaves without being asked! We can only hope, right? Or, think about it this way: If you know that God is your ultimate judge, then you have nothing to fear from people.

What a huge relief! I mean, little girls often have body image trouble or difficulty feeling like they fit it because of physical issues. But if you're secure enough to not care what people think, you are free to be how you were made to be. In that way, Daniela has more than most little girls have.

She has genuine confidence. Pablo Picasso anyone? That's the first thing that comes to my mind! He's totally Spanish and such a talented artist. Do a search and check out his cubism paintings or take a look at his blue period. Who knows whether he'll be good at art, but this namesake is legit. Don't underestimate his creative side; it may come earlier than you think!

Choosing a name like Pablo for a boy is like choosing the name Frieda for a girl. It has a natural legacy. His name means "humble" so with extraordinary talent, isn't it handy to have humility as well? Most people who are famous tend to love themselves more than necessary.

But Pablo, his humility is the key to his success and to your ability to be confident in naming him. So don't be shy, name your next son Pablo and who knows, he may wow us all with his artistic talents.

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Aww, Paula means "little. Picture bringing a newborn baby home and knowing that her name means little. I just can't hide my smile. A cute little girl ready to be held, loved and trained. And so it can be with your little Paula. Just because her name means little, does not mean her contribution to society will be small. She can always stand on a podium and use a microphone to gain a crowd. I mean, think about Mother Theresa of Calcutta - she was a tiny woman, but look at what her life meant to so many who were overlooked.

As a small woman, she noticed those less fortunate than herself and gifted them with notice and care. Daniel, well we already discussed the female version, Daniela. But don't overlook this Biblical name for your son. I mean who wouldn't want a namesake that was able to trust so deeply in the midst of such struggle. If you don't remember the account, Daniel was faced with extreme danger, a lion's den. He was asked to worship another god and was told that if he didn't he'd be thrown into a lion's den.

And you know what? He rebelled against the King and did what he thought was right. He stood amidst the lions. He claimed God would take care of him and as it turned out, he stayed safe! I would want my son to be full of bravery like that. You can count on a man who sticks to his convictions even when people around him threaten and try to fool him. Daniel won't be manipulated, but he may be a handful if you ask him to go against one of his core beliefs! Are you familiar with the play "West Side Story?

Their love for one another was like Romeo and Juliet. It was true, but their families disapproved. The name Maria brings an enchanting feeling of loyalty, love and devotion. Her name means "Star of the Sea. She glows in the dark sea, bringing light to others and lighting their way so land can be seen. Maria doesn't seem to be used much in the United States, ranking a couple years ago. Because of this, you'll have an easy to say name, and a lovely namesake that invokes passion and romance. Every little girl named Maria will swoon over her name. Okay, well the number 1 name in Spain is Hugo!

It means "bright in mind and spirit. What a combination. All of those are extremely important and essential being human! The heart of Hugo, the mind of Hugo and the spirit of Hugo can be trained for the greater good. He is an intelligent boy ready to grow into manhood with an understanding that reaches beyond his peers. There's a saying that someone can be an "old soul" and I think Hugo fits that description.

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And, if you still need convincing, think of the powerful association with the fragrance for men, Hugo Boss. What man doesn't want to be boss? It's a dream come true for a little boy! Let him be boss and play boss around the house. He needs the practice because can't you imagine your son, all grown up, and entering a building where everyone greets him on the way in, because, well Get started now and train this boss with the skills to become bright in mind and spirit. Now we come to my favorite name! My name actually means the same thing so perhaps I'm connected to this name in some fashion.

Lucia is pronounced three different ways and that's another bonus! If this were my name, I wouldn't even care if someone mispronounced it because they're all so lovely! Lucia means "light. Can you sense how delicate and strong this name is? All the darkness the world offers can be illuminated by her graces. Let her shed light on your family and on this world. In a dark world, we need more lights around to bring hope and peace. Let the Lucias of the world unite! If you name your daughter Lucia, it's a step toward helping humanity see with clarity what lies ahead and which path is best. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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