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Similar fibres obtained from other plants are also called bast: see Bast fibre. The dried flowers are mildly sweet and sticky, and the fruit is somewhat sweet and mucilaginous. Limeflower tea has a pleasing taste, due to the aromatic volatile oil found in the flowers. The flowers, leaves, wood, and charcoal obtained from the wood are used for medicinal purposes. Active ingredients in the Tilia flowers include flavonoids which act as antioxidants and volatile oils. The plant also contains tannins that can act as an astringent.

Linden flowers are used in herbalism for colds, cough, fever, infections, inflammation, high blood pressure, and headache particularly migraine , and as a diuretic increases urine production , antispasmodic reduces smooth muscle spasm along the digestive tract , and sedative. That wood burned to charcoal is ingested to treat intestinal disorders and used topically to treat edema or infection such as cellulitis or ulcers of the lower leg. Usually, the double-flowered species are used to make perfumes.

Tilia heterophylla syn. Tilia insularis. Tilia maximowicziana. Tilia oliveri. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the citrus fruit trees, see Lime fruit. For cultural significance, see Lime tree in culture. Tilia americana L. Cheng Tilia cordata Mill. Tilia americana. Tilia cordata. Tilia henryana. Tilia japonica. Tilia miqueliana.

Tilia mongolica. Tilia platyphyllos. Tilia tomentosa. Retrieved 10 December Shorter Oxford English Dictionary , vol. Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. Electronic version 2. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. Retrieved 28 August Retrieved November 22, I liked all the describing words the author used to make the story sound interesting. I think a 5th, 6th or 7th grader would like this book. Overall this book was a pretty easy read. Jan 04, sarah gilbert rated it it was amazing Shelves: oregon-battle-of-the-books.

I expected to find the gimmickiness of the diamond-shaped 'poems' trying; instead it was lovely. Jun 04, Roxanne Hsu Feldman rated it really liked it Shelves: grade , bestbooks , magicalstories. Aside from the fact that I don't believe all the pieces are poems indeed, I don't think MOST of them are so the author's claim in her introduction of these being "diamond shaped poems" does not gel with my perception of poetry, the book is really STRONG. Love the magical realistic spirited animals of the deceased.

Totally enjoyed the realism of this young girl's Aside from the fact that I don't believe all the pieces are poems indeed, I don't think MOST of them are so the author's claim in her introduction of these being "diamond shaped poems" does not gel with my perception of poetry, the book is really STRONG. Totally enjoyed the realism of this young girl's search for self and the missing half even without knowing it at first.

Much enjoyed the setting and the supporting characters. This has been such a pleasure to read. Notes to self: p. So glad that it got resolved. Sep 17, Dawn rated it really liked it Shelves: kid-lit. Twelve year old Willow doesn't feel very special.. When she finally convinces her parents to let her take the sled and dogs to her grandparents she is beginning to feel pretty special.

Tragedy strikes along the way and Roxy's her favorite dog eyes are harmed. As she tries to do what is best for Roxy, Willow finds herself on a path that leads directly into a snow storm. Every page is w Twelve year old Willow doesn't feel very special.. Every page is written in free verse in the shape of a diamond, and the author buries Willow's most secret thoughts in the heart. Beautifully written. Oct 08, Becky Soledad rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-in-library , middle-school When I first picked up this book I thought it was a very strange layout.

Students love free verse novels but I was concerned that this layout would be difficult for them to follow. But once I started reading the book I realized that your eye just follows the lines automatically and the little hidden messages in each poem only added to your understanding of the story.

So often we say when you listen to someone you have to hear what is not being said as well as what is and that is exactly what is When I first picked up this book I thought it was a very strange layout. So often we say when you listen to someone you have to hear what is not being said as well as what is and that is exactly what is going on here. May 06, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: 5th-grade , younger-teen-appropriate. This is a great book in verse! I really enjoyed the story of this girl who just isn't fitting in, but has a heart of gold.

The book is set up in such a clever way, and I really enjoyed the spirit animals I guess that is what you call them. All this girl wants to do is take her sled dogs to grandma and grandpa's, but as with real life, things happen. This book will make you cry, and you won't see something coming.

Sweet, heartbreaking, and full of feels. This is a story that needs to be read! Feb 08, Christina rated it liked it Shelves: caudills , middle-school. Fifth- and sixth-grade readers will like this story of a twelve year-old girl in Alaska whose error in judgment causes an accident that injures her sled dog, Roxy, while they are "mushing.

Although this concept could have been merely gimmicky, Frost is such a strong writer that the storytelling is enhanced by the free verse form. Apr 16, Maria rated it really liked it. Diamond Willow was one of the best fiction books I have read for a long time! It was an extremely captivating book and made me keep turning the pages. It was a short read and the book was written as a concrete poem, with all the shapes being diamonds.

I thought this was creative and made the book more interesting to read.

Pussy willow | One Writer's Way

Overall, the book was different from other books I have read and I advise people to read it. Nov 18, Kellyflower rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-ve-enjoyed , novels-in-verse , middle-school , emotional-reads-tissues-needed. Again, can't remember why I picked this book up.

I've had it for over a month and finally decided to crack it open last night. What a great little story. It's told in free verse with each page's words in the shape of a Diamond. Even if you're not a free verse kinda reader, I recommend this. Was not expecting to cry, but I did. May 28, Emily rated it it was amazing Shelves: faves. I loved this book. Completely, absolutely loved it. I must have read this book at least five times! The way each page was written in diamond poem form, along with the bolded words, really added to the story, in my opinion.

Though I know that not all people would like it, I still recommend this book to pretty much everyone who's willing to try it. Jan 22, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: childrens-lit , reading-aloud , childrens-book-club. This was a brief but touching tale of a young girl's coming of age - fun to read aloud to my 10yo because of an unusual, puzzle-like structure, the unusual landscape, and the surprising plot twists. It's on the spiritual side, but works nicely in capturing something about the unfamiliar Inuit culture.

Recommend it! May 08, Patricia Powell rated it it was amazing Shelves: middle-grade , verse. I loved this book so much that now I must read everything that Helen Frost has written. The writing is so solid and the "puzzles" or secret bits only add to the experience. So often, something clever can distract and detract from the story.

But this was inspired, all part of the whole. Mar 09, Suzanne Dix rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya-middle , family-drama , free-verse , adventure , books-to-promote , march Absolutely extraordinary. The shape poems add to the uniqueness but it is the plot itself that is so engrossing. Warning: have a tissue box at the ready! Grades 6 and up with universal appeal. Roxy and Willow will stay with me for a long long time. Oct 15, Samantha rated it really liked it. I really liked how it was written in a diamond shape.

It's a meaningful book, with lots of loveable characters. Jul 30, Julie rated it really liked it. Very uniquely written in a diamond shape on each page, there is also a set of words bolded on each page that give a deeper message about the plot. Nov 14, Shawn Jaquiss rated it really liked it Shelves: obob. This was an excellent piece of juvenile literature. I loved the setting, the story, the style and the hidden messages. Hidden nuggets in every diamond shaped verse. I never knew about Diamond Willows but thanks to this book and its preface I do. Thanks to Ryan for suggesting that I try it. Sep 05, Kailey rated it it was amazing.

It is about a twelve-year-old girl that lives on snowy woods of Alaska and she is helping her parents train dogs to tow supplies, like firewood and food. Willow, the twelve-year-old girl, has a favorite dog, Roxy. Roxy has a tragic event that makes the father of Willow want to put the dog down, due to injuries.

Obviously, Willow was not a fan of his decision, so they placed a bet. If Roxy can still run the routes in 9 months after recovery, she can stay. If not, they will put the dog down. I genuinely enjoyed reading this book over summer break, which is something you normally would never hear me say. I like how it kept you on the end of your seat, from exciting news to sad injuries, this book really has it all. The author was truly creative and skilled to write such a thought through book like this one.

Another thing I loved about this book was the fact that it was a poem book. Poem books always grab my attention because the shapes of the words and how they all perfectly form a beautiful page of writing, is truly astonishing to me. Another literary element I liked was the little bolded texts that had secret messages on each page that where in the text. I cannot even fathom how hard it was and how much work was put into making each line have a word to makeup a secret message. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone that like animals, nature, or fantasies, because this book was obviously fiction.

Dec 05, Jonathan rated it liked it Shelves: bluestem-award. I listened to this book, which means I missed out on the opportunity to enjoy the writing style but I did flip through a copy at the library and saw what it was about, which leads me to the question, would it have really added anything to the story? I'm gonna say no. That aside the plot was captivating enough. A girl living in Alaska makes a strong bond with one of her sled dogs while learning that the animals she is surrounded by containing the souls of her ancestors.

As the story goes on the I listened to this book, which means I missed out on the opportunity to enjoy the writing style but I did flip through a copy at the library and saw what it was about, which leads me to the question, would it have really added anything to the story? As the story goes on there is a family secret revealed as well as a deeper understanding of the love she has for her dog. A feel-good story without a whole lot of actual feel good.

It wasn't a waste of my time especially since it was so short , but nothing life-changing either. For those who love dogs, sled racing and Native American culture it will have enough there to keep your attention. Jun 14, AgnesO rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry. The book, grounded in Native American traditions and cultural beliefs, tells a story of a special relationship between twelve-year-old Willow and her clever sled dog, Roxy.

In particular, Willow feels ordinary and insignificant. She desperately wants her parents to acknowledge that she is maturing. Afraid that Roxy might be euthanized, Willow decides to transport the dog to safety. While on the path, Willow and Roxy get caught in a powerful blizzard. It is then that Willow learns of animals which carry the spirits of her ancestors and watch over her during the time of trial… The author created an incredible poetic work combining wordplay with a fascinating story. The Flourist-in-Chief judged new cultivars of tulips and their names.

Only the most flawless cultivars were entered into the official tulip list.

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The Turkish florist standards preferred tulips that were tall thin, narrowly contoured and with narrow-pointed tips. The pedals had to be smooth, stiff, of one color, the exact size and length, and with no gaps. When you buy for your bouquets shop locally or use a Slow Flower Member. But trees may be. Trees contribute to finding, protecting and long relationships.

They love, love creating a connection to the seen and unseen world — pushing us beyond comfort levels and opening us up. The below list is a sampling of trees that want to help in the area of love and romance. An elegant and romantic tree. She missed snow and the blossoms gave her joy every winter at the Court of Cordoba, Spain. Pink almonds are planted near St. Phyllis and Demophon of Greek myth are a story of love taking a few turns. There are many stories of who did whom wrong.

Demophon had to leave on their wedding day due to war, father dying or other reasons and promised to return. He did not arrive back home at the appointed time. Phyllis got depressed and died. The gods took pity and turn her into an almond tree. Demophon did returned and overcome with guilt or grief, hugged the tree in which its bare branches blossomed creating the first almond tree.

Of special interest...

This myth gave almonds the emblem of true love inextinguishable by death and hope. Almonds come in two groups; sweet almonds that are edible, roasted, or pressed for the oil. And bitter almonds P. Bitter almonds contain traces of prussic or hydrocyanic acid which can be lethal to animals and humans. Through developed processes the toxic is removed for safe use. Apple blossoms and trees stand for love. It is always in love — wanting to be loved and providing love.

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A tree with lots of personality, charm, and the energy of perpetual youth. It is called the Tree of Love or The tree of Avalon. A name that conjures up romance for this feminine sign ruled by the planet Venus. Venus and Aphrodite, the Roman and Greek Goddesses of Love rule apples and uses them as their symbol. Olwen, the Celtic Goddess of Love walks by apples to set them blooming. Aphrodite gave Paris the hero three golden apples to pick the most beautiful woman on earth. Paris went with Helen of Troy instead of the goddesses. Hera and Athena decided a little war was appropriate payback.

The innocence apple became known as the Apple of Choice and Beauty and in another vein, the Apple of Discord. The Feast of St. Thomas in Austria is celebrated on December 21 st. This is the night that a maiden cut open an apple and counts the number of seeds. An even number indicated she would marry soon. Cutting one of the seeds meant, she would have a difficult life and end up a widow. When there were several suitors, the seeds were removed and thrown into the fire, reciting the name of each suitor. The seed that popped was the one to marry.

Place dry apple peels in sachets to attract love. Looking for love? Twist the stem of an apple while calling out the letters of the alphabet, the stem will break on the first letter of the name of your future lover. Or peel an apple in one long strip and tossed backwards over the left shoulder.

The shape made by the peel shows the initial of the future spouse. In the name of love Alder offers protection. Hiding with her lover Naoise, they found shelter in the alders at Glen Etive. Alders have three planetary rulers and exhibits masculine and feminine energies. Venus, the goddess, watches over lovers and outlaws who take refuge in the spring groves and need protection. Mars, Roman God of War; helps these two to move rapidly and with the speed of experience warriors.

Mystical creatures frolic among alders. The water spirits, white fairy horse and unicorns love this tree. Alders are unique in that all the elements along with a fifth — charcoal are present. They are integrated through the Goddesses of Spinning. Ask the Goddess Venus to assist in creating the dye and weaving magic into the fabric.

Ash Fraxinus. Cupid, the God of Desire, Attraction and Affection. He is Roman. His counterparts in Greek are Eros and in Latin Amor. The first arrows of love were from the wood of ash trees. If the seeds do not appear the owner is unlucky in love. Venus of the Woods is the name given to the spring-time blooms of ash. The Goddess Venus lends her name to this activity. She oversees many hopes of lovers. In this English verse, the inquirer would soon have the identity of their intended revealed,. The first young man that I do meet, My lover he shall be.

When dying they were buried close to each other with ashes on either side. The trees grew and formed one. Birches shine bright in the winter sky with the light of the stars and the moon. Lammas, the Celtic festival of harvest catches the sun in the sky. All three; the sun, stars and moon symbolize that summer will always return. Romantic thoughts for sure.

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  7. Maypoles were used for this festival. In parts of Germany, young men placed decorated birch trees in front of the home of their love interests on the night of May 1 st. Wreaths were given as gifts by lovers. In Wales, men and women would exchange birch garlands to show their interest in each other. Chestnuts are about honesty, love, and a symbol of longevity. A tree of beauty with its glorious floral display and in the Language of Flowers means grandeur. The wood brings success and love.

    Zeus had many flings and used his sacred wood to move around.

    Druids made staffs of chestnuts to draw longevity and gain energy from the earth. Sweet chestnuts are edible and can be confused with the horse chestnut, not edible. The planet Jupiter rules this expansive and large tree. Hazelnuts are extraordinary charming and very understanding. Full of inspiration, pen your poem under a hazelnut or surround yourself with its branches.

    Known for wisdom, this tree with help you with understanding, making impressions and dealing with a capricious lover. Hazelnuts bring change and the talent to expression yourself in love. The fruit of hazelnuts are the power source of this tree providing important nourishment. It is tree with an auspicious sign that love and new projects will have the magical ingredients for success.

    September 14 th is Nutting Day in the British Isles. Held until WWI, it was a day that the nuts were considered perfect for foraging by children.

    Beyond the Willow Tree

    Out-a-nutting, was a chance to be alone in the woods with a lover. Spiritually linked to the heart chakra, several goddesses are intertwined with the hazelnut. The flowers tend be male and female on a single tree as its energy. In the language of flowers, hazelnuts are about reconciliation. An early bloomer that cleanse the heart of negativity, stimulates love, and forgiveness. Hawthorns helps to heal broken hearts and provide hope once again.

    Blodeuwedd, Welsh Goddess of Spring. She protects women who are forced to marry, aiding them to choose their own love. Their fleeting presence reminds us of the autumn. Plant hawthorn at crossroads. Humans, earth spirits, fairies will meet under hawthorns. Travelers and lovers hang bits of clothing as a prayer flag or to make wishes in health, luck, love, and success. Synonymous with the capital R for Romance and classic charm. Sultan Ahmed III pursued an uncommon passion for flowers. One being lilacs. He is credited with gifting the fragrant lilac to the Europeans.

    Syringa was a beautiful wood nymph in Greek mythology. The God Pan spied her one day, lusted for her and took chase. Depending on the version of the story, to get away from him, she either transformed herself into a reed or a lilac bush, both of which make great flutes. Ultimately, Pan won because he made a flute from her disguise and it never left his side from then on.

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    In the Victorian Language of Flowers, lilacs are a symbol of first love. So many colors, so many meanings. Pink is associated with love and strong friendship and white symbolized innocence. Now called the Valley of Lilacs it still enchants and delights visitors. Lilacs are long-lived and even in death provide romance. Burning the wood fills the air with its fragrance. The flowers of magnolias represent a love of nature. One of the first plants to reproduce using flowers pollinated by insects. They are a classic beauty. Soulangiana was the founder of the National Historical Society in France.

    Myrtles are evergreen, fragrant, with white, star-shaped flowers. A symbol of love and marriage. Then to Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Venus wears a crown of myrtle leaves. Myrtle blossoms and leaves were used to create wreaths for Roman brides to wear. Queen Victoria started the tradition of using myrtle flowers in royal family bouquets. Named the Osborne Myrtle, every royal bride has a piece of myrtle since then. Trees of diversity with their barks, leaf-color, and winter structure. They represent love, longevity, and prosperity to the home and your sacred space.

    Ruled by Jupiter they bring expansive and happy energy to situations. Maples are a tree of divination and awakening intuition. Balance that makes the relationship grow stronger and an over-all healthier.

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    Seeing the seen and unseen world, maple spirits ground individuals psychically and spiritually. The help to find practical ways to form expression. They activate the chakras in the arches of the feet, keeping individuals grounded. A much need ability in matters of love. The Gypsies repeat this theme of bringing gold.

    Eating the seeds draws love. Drop your acorns in the water to see how the relationship will progress. If they float together, the couple will marry. If they drift apart, so will the relationship. Cybele the Greek Goddess of Love change her unfaithful lover Attis to a pine.

    Her son, Zeus, saw her sadness and made the pine green throughout the year as a consolation. When the wind blows through the pines, it is speaking of a new future. Roman mythology associated pine cones with Venus, Goddess of Love and Fertility. Love runs the gamut of emotions and the willows relay this. In the western world, they are considered unlucky. A traditional folk song from the southern Appalachian Mountains explains:. In Asia, eternal friendship, patience, perseverance are symbols. Willows teach the value and consequences of love and loss. It symbolically tells us that even through great loss; there is the ability to grow.

    There is the potential for something new. The colors of willow display great symbolism. Brown symbolizes stability, structure, and support. Green leaves growth, fertility, and life. As a tree it is about balance, learning, and harmony. Indigenous Trees — Ash. There is a group of trees with leaves that appear heart-shaped. They span many botanical families, are deciduous, and fill the air with their delectable scents. Many do well in the landscape.

    Classified as heart-shape, they help with new love, old love, and broken love. Their fruits or nuts are often paired with chocolate. The fig leaves of the World Tree share its knowledge and grace with us. Elephants and silk worms enjoy munching on them.